From Sky To Stone (A RotMG Poem)


From stormy clouds that signaled war
To solid stones, I traveled far
A lengthy blade, a lengthy tale
The forest leaves, a lengthy trail
Before thou pull me from my home,
And tear me from all I have known,
Recall how I was not alone
And how I fell from sky to stone

The shaky air, the bated breaths
The windy hair, belated deaths
Blue seas, red flames, dark grains had swirled
And big blocks too, it all unfurled
The titans let out shrieking cries
And wails so sharp, they split the skies
And then forged me so they would rise
Against their foes; and off they flied

A clang, a bang, a sound had rang
The fight was tough, their cries they sang
So loud and long their sorrow knell
That one lost grip, and then I fell
Down and down and then a clunk!
All the way to the Realm I sunk
But then I turned as pale as a monk
My arms were nubs, my blade had shrunk!

I could not scream, I could not flail
I tried to cry, to no avail
So after days, I simply frowned
Before I chose to look around
Some swirls of orange, yellow leaves
Had soared the air on gentle breeze
There were no flames or grains or seas
I landed naught in all but trees!

Now thou know the story of
The sword who birthed from tears above
Thou better cherish what you pull
Of sorrow, anger, it is full
A wounded blade, I am alone
My open scars, thou I have shown
Do not forget the titans’ groans
And how I fell from sky to stone


ur a realm eye forum GOAT ur posts are always 10/10 (uses ur own rizz on u) are you a vault cuz I could put my stuff in you over an over.


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