Fundamental visual changes that I want to see in Realm Unity


So now that DECA has said that they will be moving realm over to a new engine this will give DECA the opportunity to pretty much change anything in the game. It would be a waste if DECA would just port the game over without any changes as Unity will allow for so many more things. Things that would be impossible on flash realm. So here’s a sorta wishlist of mine (mods change the tag if it doesn’t fit) :

NOTE: Because I didn’t saw alot of discussion about the item changes that I posted I decided to turn that into its own topic.

lighting effects (EDIT: this would be a optional setting for people that don’t like this)

Do you remember that GHZD post on the subreddit were he showed an abbys where the lava would actually glow and emit light? Thats what this idea is about. Right now everything in the game has the same lighting which isn’t too athmospheric. Imagine if the torches, candles and windows in the game would emit light or if even lets say a lighting shot could light up the room or a ‘‘darkness’’ shot could dim the light around itself. This would make the game alot more visually interesting. Its a step away from the retro style but I think it would be step in the right direction. This would also allow for cooler gameplay mechanics. Imagine a dungeon thats completely covered in darkness beside your character holding a candle. Or even a day-night cycle, which brings me into my next topic.

The Realm’s could use a makeover

The way the current realms look is quite bad in my opinion, there isn’t much variation between areas and some look awful and lazy. the worst offenders of this is the beach (the spawning area) and the “mountains” aka Glands (the place where 90% of mid game happens). The beach looks awfully clumsy with it’s out of place wavy water animations and its 2 title nature. Compared to what we have seen in Beige’s (did I got the person right? sorry I don’t know for sure) Summer nexus the beach in the realm is both boring and hideous. The Godlands is a similar story with only 2 different titles and only 1 prop just lame. DECA could make the GodLands alot more interesting with a better enviorment and more diversity. Also a night and day cicle! One cool idea is to have the realms have lets say 10 minutes of day and night and 5 minutes of sunset/sundawn in between. It would also be cool if certain enemies would only spawn at night or day, for example, the Hobbit Mage could spawn at day while the Undead Hobbit Mage would spawn at night.

So, Could this be cool to see realized? Or am I an idiot for not thinking that the current version of realm is perfect and that these ideas will ruin the game.


Updating the graphics kind of ruins the entire point of the game, which is its simplicity.


Like this?


Lighting effects, YES PLEASE! Realm beach/low/mid/highlands revamp… not so keen on. Maybe to make it look more dynamic while not changing the current feel, sure.


I saw the same GHZD video and I personally think its way over the top and does not fit the style of realm at all.
I do, however, agree that there could be some improvements made in the beach and godlands. Maybe something simple like some sand castles and a pile of sand with a shovel? No ideas on what they could do in the mountains but it should definitely be improved. All they have is rocks that look like grey tree stumps.


Realm can still be a simple game and have good graphics. How can you say that the entire point of PLAYING REALM is to have bad graphics? Keep in mind, some of the sprites are really good, but sometimes RotMG looks like barf.


Anybody been in a spider den lately?


The point isn’t that ROTMG can’t have good graphics, its that if they did it would be really dumb.


Atleast make dynamic lighting an option for players, but remember, it’ll be hard enough to get a straight port over there, let alone any nice cosmetic changes.

Though, lighting like in Terraria would be pretty neat.


If you’re going to change the graphics, it’s going to have to be optional. A big part of the community enjoys the game because of the retro style.


This would be a lot of work for an optional feature; I doubt they would implement it unfortunately



Day/Night cycles for main realms/nexus depending on time for the server


Yeah I agree with @Craftable, situational lighting is probably a good choice


its cool and all but we don’t want to much lighting to the point where it made the game laggy simplicity is what rotmg are anyway, and im not saying i disagree


I think the main priority should be performance (FPS optimization, better memory managements, etc.)

This is because most people have potato pc
console is better than pc /s

Also, the minimum reqs are literally from a potato. It shocks me that I can’t hit steady >45FPS with a 1797 MHz 2c/4t i3-3217u.

Hope Unity will fix that


I want rotmg to have graphics like terraria…


i think he means like that but like a further radius and having the gradient be longer.image
i think he means something like this where it could curve around the walls so you’d have to be wary about peeking corners and getting destroyed.

or something like the game “dont starve”


ew no


No u

Yes please DECA


I would never say that a games entire purpose is its simple graphics. Also graphics can be simple and still more appealing. I do enjoy a lot of the sprite work as it is now but that does’t mean DECA shouldn’t do what is has been doing, and improving the game to bring in new players.