Fungal cavern discord ban appeal


Around the start of this year I was permanently banned from the fungal cavern discord for dming the raid leader, slintsong very nasty, transphobic, and violent messages. During this time I had been associating with a group of far right discord users who I had considered friends for many years who preyed on the fact that I was young and lonely to get me to do all kinds of reprehensible racist and transphobic things in order for a little validation and respect. It has almost been a year since I have spoke to them now as I have begun to start thinking for myself and leaving my hateful past behind. A few months I gave a sincere apology to slintsong on stream which I had been meaning to do for a while and she said she would unban me but now that I am getting back into the game I see that I still don’t have access to the server. I understand that my actions in the past were completely deplorable but I was rather young and had very negative influences in my life; I can proudly say that now I have left behind that past and am a better, less hateful person and so I am appealing my ban in this discord


People do act immaturely when they are young. Glad to hear you’ve changed.

TBH with scaling you are not missing much by not being in a raid discord.


Unfortunately, I’m not sure if there is anything we can do, except @triforcej who is a fungal rl I believe, still not sure if even he can do anything. Best of luck with getting unbanned tho!


Forums aren’t really the place for this. Try dming any higher ups in the server with proof from silentsong or just ask her yourself


He is Fungal RL. But not sure he’s in the same Discord server with Slintsong.


There’s only one fungal server. In any case triforce as an rl probably doesn’t have the power to review bans.


proud of u for changing and becoming a better person :slight_smile: its nice to hear stories like this that give me hope for myself at least x.x
maybe the programs will improve my mental health who knows kekw
until then realm is a distraction from reality i guess. grindy nature and all. wish u the best of luck with your appeal


Yo, as some comments suggested, for the actual appeal please pm an higher up.
You can pm me if you want too: ★Ӿ₲₳₥ɆⱤ ₵Ⱨ₳0₴★#6918
I have read your message and am happy that you have reflected on your previous behaviour and have changed your views. Since people are allowed to change I am confident that you will be able to rejoin the discord.
But I would suggest, also msging Silent directly if you want to do a proper apology.


The matter of the fact is, playing this game is a privilege and there is no real excuse for being hateful toward someone (especially toward a trans person, who likely gets hate and discrimination elsewhere). Moreover, joining a discord is even more of a privilege and if you personally go out of your way to harass someone, that’s on you. GL on getting unbanned but do realize that the Fungal Discord has every right to not unban you.


Yes, it is the same server, but Silent stepped down a few days ago. Also, @Twitchystr is correct that I cannot review bans. Especially because I’m on leave right now.

I saw that Deatttthhh already responded here, so I do not need to respond to the OP.


Sent a request. Curbstomp#1255