^ Funny Glitches


Hello, Here you can post/talk about times you’ve had glitches. You can put little memes inside your picture to make it Funny or a death that was caused by a glitch. But I’d suggest putting that on the Death Thread. I’ve had some funny times when glitches in the game would appear and I’d just start laughing. Here I’ll get this thread started.


Well wouldn’t that be a meme then


Meme Glitch, Or just meme whatever you wanna call it


Well, if you want to post small glitches that don’t deserve their own thread, you can post here:

And if you want to post memes, you can post here:

So I don’t think we need this thread.


Meme thread maybe? @Shatter your choice


Stop reposting. You’ve had your thread closed down once already.

Also the post is cringey now because you just repackaged what you’d posted before. Except in a more shitty way.


Moved to #community-hub. Lets leave #game-discussion:bugs for actual in-game bugs. @Krathan, one of the actual Deca developers, replied to a couple bug reports here today, so to make the forum as useful as possible to them we have to keep on-topic and focused in that category.


reeee impact font


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