Fuse/Max a Pet to Legendary, how to do it right?


Hi I do have some questions for maxing and fusing my Pet the right way.

Currently I am using a rare Woddland Pet with these stats: Electric: 70/70; Heal 66/70; Magic Heal: –
Now I need another Rare to Fuse. The thing is that I dont have another Rare Woodland, only some uncommon. But I do have 2 Rare Reptile Pets and 1 Rare Penguin, all are able to get their abbilities to 70/70.
1st Reptile: Heal 53/70; Decoy 31/70; Att. Far –
2nd Reptile: Heal 52/70; Electric 28/70; Decoy –
3rd Penguin: Att. Far 50/70; Decoy 13/70; Electric –

If you are asking whats the bigger problem, Fame or FeedPower? I am not the best player so actually both but FeedPower a bit more…

So my question now is how to Continue from here with the lowest amount of Fame/FeedPower?
Should I :

  1. Just stick with the Woodland and max some other Pets

  2. Change the Family to Penguin. Max both of them and fuse, same with the two Reptiles, change Family again and fuse the Pets

  3. Change the Family to Reptile and just max and fuse pets

  4. Any other way you can tell me?

Thanks for helping me already :slight_smile:


None of the above. You really, really want Heal and Magic Heal as the first two abilities (in either order), as the 3rd ability will take way longer to max. I would continue using the Woodland Pet for now (maybe max it to 70/70 if you want the extra heals right now) and search for a Heal/MHeal/Electric or MHeal/Heal/Electric pet. These tend to be commonly found as Humanoid eggs, although I think Woodland, Avian, and Reptile also have a fair chance to hatch these combinations.



  1. Max your woodland pet
  2. Hatch eggs until you get heal/mheal and random third ability
  3. Fuse them with other non heal/mheal pets but put the heal/mheal pet in the selected box
  4. Keep doing that and then you can change to woodland and fuse them
    But remember put the heal/mheal pet in the selected box


Do I want to get heal/mheal or is mheal/heal okay too?
I am going for max Fusions anyway so it dosnt matter since both will be max lvl right?


Well, I mean it’s gonna take a lot of feed power and fame to max it, so I would go for heal,mheal


It is suggested that you’d take electric for the 3rd abillity as it deals the most damage and paralizes which is actually usable.
Also to get them max fusion level you only need to max your first abillity though maxing both abillities to 70 70 or 90 90 depending of the rarity is advised. As you don’t use as much fame when you’d be rank higher. If you have no problem getting fame then you can skip this but usually fame becomes the hard part to aquire. So again it is suggested to max both abillites to 70 70 for rare pet.


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