Game launch error


idk what is this… what does it mean… i cant enter the game 4 days ago… can someone can help me pls


what the fuck is that

Make sure you didn’t download a fake.


It’s not a fake; I’ve seen that notification before using the regular build. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to resolve the issue if it’s a repeated instance, as a quick computer reset fixed it for me.

Hopefully someone else knows the solution? :thinking:


Same, I’ve got that happen to me as well.
It might be related to your Launcher still thinking it’s on the “testing” build? I recommend deleting the launcher, and the RealmOfTheMadGodExalt folder inside your Documents folder as well, then downloading the launcher again.


That could be it, but I’ve never done testing, so I’m not sure how I would’ve gotten the error.


yeah, it was something like that, now days i cna play without a problem, ty!


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