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both being timeless beings, how old would this photo technically be?


Purple Craig and dendrophilia


I put them through a contrast tool. My pencil drawings aren’t actually this dark.

EDIT: @Orsome I spelled your name wrong, I’m so sorry Q-Q even when trying to mention you, I spelled it wrong…


Dat me :o


Haha, don’t worry, I’m not mad. At all. Promise! :slight_smile:

expect a totally friendly and not at all dangerous assassi- I mean buddy to arrive somewhat soon.

For real though, the fact I’m still considered an artist despite posting like, every three weeks, is surprising lmao




bUt yOu jUst dRAw on mS paINt thaT’s nOt aRt LMaO


its more like diet art


am i the only one that doesn’t get the joke of ms paint being lesser art


Well if I had to give my two cents, its typically the first program most people are introduced to when making digital art related stuff. With that in mind, a lot uploaded with MSPaint tend to be very basic/beginner/abstract arts. Most works also tend to share the same default color palette for the program.
I figure its more about how one utilizes the programs. For most people I assume its a hinderance (even GIMP/ has a handful of useful tools) of creativity. One can be godlike with simple tools, but the more advanced tools allow more creativity.

That… or its the stigma of the things that come out of DeviantArt


SORCERY! How did I not see this 9 days ago?! Thank you so much for the little fanart, I love it! Moddy_Happy%20small


“Hello. I have come to ruin your day. My 24 karat gold mask is scratched and my luxury loincloth is torn to shreds, but it’s okay as long as my penetrating blast spell drop rate is 0%.”
– Xolotl the Lightning God


Baby version of @XBookwyrmX!


I tried a more cartoony version of shading instead of the normal airbrush.


I’m flattered! >v<


I wonder who this is.

I’m trying to mimic other artists. :upside_down_face:
This drawing style was surprisingly very fun to work with! Frequently made use of the ellipse tool.


I know!

It’s book


Yay! You win 100 points!


My attempt at the character drawing contest quite a while ago. Never came around to finish it, but it was still hanging around in my storage, plus I’m too lazy to come up with new stuff. So I decided, why not kill two Urgles with one arrow, and just upload it here?

Deathless, QOT, Brigandine, Crown.
Felt like I was making a memorial for a dead character, so I had to double-check RealmEye to make sure the archer was still alive and well!


I like it! (That single arrow would have to be stronger than the doom bow, though…)