Gamma's Art Dump


Well that’s partly true, but I also happen to be one of those that don’t fit that description :sweat_smile:

i see those flowers you drew behind your back o-o


I guess that means it’s time to delete the picture


We must first get confirmation that he does, in fact, have rippling muscles.
And a beard. You can’t forget the beard.



no :upside_down_face:

Thus the requirements are not met, the picture may remain


and the blush too


Gamma crushes on his mental image of Orsome confirmed

I declare the ship to be named Gammsome because it’s a sucky name and I’m gonna name it before someone comes up with a good name




lets not


I just had a thought

How is the water reflecting his hand and also the ground underneath his hand?




I mean, ducks are kind of hot.
@GammaGamer I will duel you for the hand (webbed foot?) of Orsome.


This has kinda turned awkward


Yeah, I didn’t notice the mistake until afterwards. As does that and the Polaris drawing suggest, never being able to do reflections correctly was my eternal curse from birth.

Name the duel.

Yes. People aren’t understanding that it’s a goddamn drawing.




Gamma and I will duel to the death in a thicket.
Level 1 wizards
Whoever dies second wins
You can place your bets in Just a whole lotta polls where gamma is making the poll.
@GammaGamer will be recording our duel and posting it here




So gamma drew a picture of him and orsome and I challenged him to a duel for Orsome’s hand(?) so now we are going to duel


I don’t even know anymore, man. I just wanted to make a nice drawing :sob:



  1. you did
  2. You were the one who started setting up the duel in the first place
  3. We can call off the duel