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Declining a duel is dishonorable. I must follow through if one brings it up. :no_mouth:
Maintaining a high ego is everything to me.


I brought it up as a joke. Declining a joke isn’t dishonorable.

But if you insist, I don’t think that thicket key will find a better use


Fool. You think you can just trick me into backing out so you can claim Orsome for yourself, eh?
I won’t fall victim to your trickery.


What if I told you that you already have?

EDIT: @GammaGamer Hah! Speechless, are you? You couldn’t imagine yourself being tricked? I didn’t enter this duel for the hand of Orsome, but to eliminate my nemesis!


It was either fall for it or take the L. And I will never take the L.
Just meet me at 5-6 hours. I’m going to get flattened by Tezca in the first ten seconds.

EDIT: @Dbiz There can only be one, then. :crossed_swords:



@GammaGamer I have done probably 10 thicket first bosses and 2 2nd bosses. First boss is easy if you can dodge, but it’s hard to dodge on a level 1 wizard. If you take one shot, you’re dead




see above^^^


my thoughts exactly


This is my fault and it’s fantastic


That was sarcasm.




I’m not sure why I decided to tank that last shot, but good game, DBiz. :joy:

Just a whole lotta polls

Hey, you lasted less than 10 seconds!


To be fair, I said “the first ten seconds.”


Fair enough.


wait, so dbiz won

i never consented to be the reward for the winner :sob:


Oh, he gave up his claim. He said it afterwards.



let me talk to my best bud realmeye :angry: