Gamma's Art Dump


It’s cool to see how gamma and orsome are good friends even tho (I’m assuming) they haven’t met irl.


you have no idea how much i respect an artwork that took probably a few hours dedicated to me and the artist vibing


No I didn’t give up my claim, I renounced my win meaning that Gamma won and got Orsome’s hand


the way the video is, it looks like as soon as you make a new character you load into the thicket


minecraft date

@Demonseye was there too

if i have time then ill draw back :o


Something I made for fun. Thought I’d post it here before going to sleep.



pretty good animation nonetheless


I kept thinking that while drawing the leaf again and again sixty times :joy:


good starters (especially in portfolios) are movement and weight

  • Animate a bouncing ball across the screen
  • Animate a heavy bag of sand falling/being interacted with


Now. Half a year later.


UwU three drawings!

Your wish has been granted.

@Campfires art mimic:

Was digging through some old papers and found a nearly-complete sketch that I made a several years back. It was a character inspired by Red X from DC. I called the new character Red Y because I’m creative like that. Decided to put it through a scanner and finish it in color.

(Note: I can’t recall what that pole hanging from the left one’s back is.)

This was the original sketch if you were wondering.


Lil baby bear cub playing soccer? Adorable!


Nice cubes you got there !


Art for my guild!

Edit: So apparently, the original art was missing some…stuff. Thanks to PhantomMod for the teeth.



Dangerously growling from my castle library



Those just gave me a drawing idea :grin::bulb:


top quality gifs

Minecraft renders (pls dont move to off-topic)

Meme was made with Craftable’s skin.

Click for 5K res version

If you ever want a Minecraft render of your character, just send me the skin over Discord and I’ll be glad to have a take at it! :>


lil' ludwiga

WIP anime Mystic sketch



That lil ludwiga is so funny :joy: