Gamma's Art Dump


I don’t even want to know what my character would look like as a Minecraft skin. Turning a dragon like that into a blocky bi-pedal sounds positively horrifying :fearful:




He sent that one on discord, precious lil’ ludwiga


damn I wonder who that cool looking duck in a suit is

Also I didn’t realise you made that lud gif lol.


My brain has announced that it cannot take any more drawing for tonight. But before I crash, I wanted to show you my progress on the anime mystic. Before and after:

Most important thing I’ve learned: I still can’t draw hands. And yup, I just copied and pasted the anime bard’s eyes and recolored them. The eyes used to be green, but I decided to change them to fit with the theme. The finished version with the background and better shading will come soon! :heart:

Eternal thanks to the other artists for helping me with the hair detailing. And to whoever created this tutorial, I love you so much.


That looks sooooooooo good man!


Final version of the anime mystic. Was a bit lazy Decided that a simple glow would work well, so I didn’t make a background.

And instead of the background, I drew this! Inspired by Trigger Studio and used some of the equipment in their artwork, while other parts were changed up. Simpler style was more fun than spending two hours just getting a single character’s hair right.





New profile picture because I seriously cannot stick with one.


That pfp is a mood.


Made a few drawings of Craig with the help of a mini tutorial Campfires made!

Now you see me…

Now you don’t :0

I’ll sometimes act cute…

But other times, I won’t >:O

Just going through some mild heartbreak. Don't mind me.


It’s called Lute-cid Dreams, by the way.


Enough to make a leveled knight cry :cry:


We continue the artist imitation! This one is on Sataru (I decided to copy their manga cover thing). Still in the sketch phase. I don’t know how to do Stheno’s hair :stuck_out_tongue:


Animation practicing! Except the backflip. I still don’t know how to properly do that.

And here’s a sneak peek at an episode I’m working on! (P5’s supposed to be carrying a bow, but weird stuff happened at some point when I was animating, and I’m too lazy to fix it for now. Ryan’s supposed to be doing stuff in the background, but I’m too lazy to do that as well. Perhaps in the next update!)

and in the midst of the chaos, a character is yet to be introduced...

duck to cat’s rescue? maybe? pogchamp? anyone? :0

Edit: I forgot most of you don’t even know about our nicknames :sweat_smile: Cat is me, Duck is Orsome, Urgle is Demonseye, Ryan is RyanYoon, and P5 is Starwartwo.

As for the manga cover, I can guarantee that it’ll be finished within the next 5-10 years.


Take your time man no need to rush


put me in it or riot

yes I know I don’t play minecraft but put me in or riot


You gotta send me a skin first. That specific episode is for Orsome’s server, but I can make some kind of battle royale video where everyone fights to the death. I planned for that around a year ago, but I swiftly left it to die. I can always restart it, though.


wow kinda creepy ngl

u like this guy or something??


Is that Leatherface?