Gamma's Art Dump


idk I just searcherd “serial killer with skin on face” because I had see a picture of it and it fit what you were telling me to do



How about I just make one for you? Unless you find one you like.


oh sure!
I was searching skinseed but couldn’t find a good one

Finished up my Anime Bard, which hasn't been touched for quite some time. Went ham with the detailing so it now looks like her clothes swallowed ten dozen tattoos.

Progress on the manga cover, which isn't even a manga cover anymore. It's just chaos slapped on top of a 1280x720 canvas.

New upcoming art...

idk, anime trix mebbe?


Gamma finally drew decent hands???

In-progress art companion to my Cherry Kimono Priest skin, btw.




:tada: :tada: :tada:

Happy 1 year anniversary! Super happy with the progress with the progress I made so far, except I’m seriously confused how I drew that Deadwater Docks picture 7 months ago on GIMP, and now I can’t even draw a goddamn face.

But anyways! Here's a remake of the first ever image I posted here (I think I deleted it from the original post some time ago, though).

Made it in Krita because I was dabbling with some animating animationing, and MediBang doesn’t seem to support it. (And I’m too lazy to switch apps.) If you’re curious how I did that leaf animation, I screen captured the 60 frames individually :>

Used an airbrush because airbrushes = ultimate shading tools for lazy people.


Is the rework even better? Uhhh…I dunno, honestly.

There’s also a new art style that I’ve been experimenting with today. It’s where I combine half a dozen YouTube artist styles and fail spectacularly. I think they were Emirichu, Sushush, and a few other people that I can’t think of off the top of my head. No, you may not see the outcome, since it looks like a mutated alien when all I was going for was a boy wearing a hoodie. Maybe once I grow confident with it.

But if you happen to be interested, here's a steampunk sword!

My Oryx+FERAL entry for the RotMG Discord art contest a week(?) back. Didn't win anything, but I still think it's nice! (Nice, as in growing my thread and making me look like an at least slightly competent artist.)

But what about all of those future drawings that you promised us?


Anime trix (probably) won’t make it. However, I did make a few secret uwu plans with some of the other forum artists, so that’s something to look forward to! And I haven’t forgot about that group art thing I mentioned for the Realm Rewind. That’s mostly likely going to come out after the secret uwu plans, but I’m just making up words at this point, so no promises!

The cherry kimono priest has a few small fixes incoming, since the outlines are super boring. Fun fact directed towards Craftable’s last post: those big eyes weren’t intentional. The ones that I draw are always so big now. Fun fact #2: I didn’t always have that issue. In the past, they were always too small. might be an asian thing?

Also, unrelated note: my mouse’s scroll wheel keeps squeaking when I scroll down :sob:


I can definitely see the improvement! I also really love emirichu’s art style :3



@PhantomMod ^-^


D’awww thanks for the fanart~ Good stuff as always!

Y’all better watch out, my can of soup will obliterate you low-brow pests


UFO pet for the anime huntress (aka Moddy) was missing shading, so that’s been updated.

Here's the anime priest rework with better lines and slightly smaller eyes so she doesn't look as creepy. If you can't tell the difference, don't tell me. My ego need not know that.

Spoiler for WIP art:



Progress update. Streamed on the Realmafia Discord last night along with a few others.






Oh Lord He Walkin