Gamma's Art Thread


Ever since my drawing tablet went haywire a few years back, my thoughts included, “Eh…should I really buy one again? Saving up more money for a laptop would probably be a better idea…”

So I never bought another tablet.

And then I saw recent RotMG art.

And I became jealous.

So naturally, I took matters to my own hands. I found an old stylus bottled up in a box somewhere in my house, and I thought to myself, “How hard could it be to use this bad boy to draw on an iPad?”

Turns out, a $2 plastic stylus with a giant rubber tip bought from a gift shop long ago (estimated to date back to the Paleolithic Age) is…actually better than I expected.

Here’s a piece:

Definitely turned out better than anticipated, buuut here are some of the hellish things that I had to go through:

  1. iPads are considerably smaller than normal drawing tablets, plus their resolutions are far worse than their superior counterparts.

  2. Apple Notes sucks…Which makes sense, because the application is for (quite literally) taking notes and not for drawing. However, this still doesn’t change that fact that there are no saturation options (only shades), pre-selected colors (these are the only ones that are available), no zoom ability, and no way to rotate and move the canvas around.

  3. Did I mention that the stylus sucked? Oh, did I say it was good? Well, no, it’s actually a nightmare. It’s good for basic drawing but damn, does it have near-nil sensitivity. You have to press ridiculously hard for it to actually work. Plus the rubber tip is so big, you really can’t get a good idea on where a stroke is going to be.

Here's what the sad-looking stylus looks like.

Maybe I’ll make this an art thread, but I’m not sure if I should wait until I get an actual drawing platform. I’ll make the necessary edits to the thread title and stuff when I make my mind.



You can always join mouse-gang


Is this a cult that you speak of? :0
I shall join!


Tried some magic with the Gimp software using a squarish canvas.

Blood Trickster or something I dunno. I don’t have a name for it. Sue me.

Took me a tad bit too long, mostly because it cost ages to get her chin looking decent.
The palm has no detail – the result of rushing art.

And yes, this is my art thread now. I have officially joined the cool art gang.

EDIT: And if you didn’t notice already, the gal is using a Foul and Ammy o/ Dispersion.

I also tried a hand at a glow effect:


Exactly two months, oh God. Give me an hour or so and I’ll whip something up, I promise. Sorry for the huge bump.


Sorry for the slight gore.


That expression from golden oryx (or at least my perception of it) is epic.


Gosh I love the armour texture and the lighting/shading effect, what a killer!




Oh, whoops, I did the reflection wrong xD




anime bard when


The Pumpkin Master

Not exactly happy with this one. I may have to go back and change it, but I’m too lazy for now.


Deadwater Docks


Lilith the Fallen Angel from Kingdom Rush: Origins. One of my favorite character designs out of the entire series so I thought I’d give it a shot. Turned out a bit too dark, but I’m okay with it. :ok_hand:

Original for reference:


You heard him. They aren’t skinny.

Here’s the redo of the Pumpkin Master that I mentioned a while back:

And here's the old one for comparison if you don't wanna scroll up.


Hmm, i like the first version more.


It took me too long to discover this thread, I love it.
(Also seeing a KR hero in here was a nice surprise, I love that series)


Everything works now. I’ll be posting stuff in my comic thread either today or tomorrow.
Meanwhile, we be checkin’ out some more of my art:

I’m not sure what’s considered obscene content, but in case I’m running on top of that line, please let me know. I don’t wanna get flagged. :grin:

In-Progress Screenshots


Painting used in art:

Painting’s website is here.


Young Sprite Goddess + Young Ent God


smol gelatine cube and random tree