Gamma's Take on PPE


Because why not?
I try to screenshot as much as I can, but note that I will miss quite a lot.

Unimportant trash PPEs that I did in the beginning. Save me from shame and please don't look.

I deleted them. Go away.

Pet: Rare 70/70___
Noteable Loot Gained:

  • Cloak of the Planewalker
  • Coral Bow
  • Candy-Coated Armor
  • Fairy Plate
  • Doku No Ken
  • Spirit Dagger
  • Prot
  • Pirate King’s Cutlass
  • Crap ton of EPs
  • Golem Garm
  • CSilk
  • Tenne
  • Crystal Fang Venom
  • Mad Lab Robe
  • QOT
  • Anointed Robe
  • Deathless Crossbow
  • Doom Bow

Wall of Fame:

  • Bard (Started: May 2020)
    5/8, 1815 Base Fame, 3288 Total Fame
    Deathless, CBow, DBow, Pungi, Anointed, UBHP
    White Bag: 9
    Death: Commander of the Crusade (Lost Halls)

  • Samurai (Started: Feb 2020)
    7/8, 1549 Base Fame, 2781 Total Fame
    Doku, CC, Fairy Plate, Abby, Adoration Gem, Exa HP, Geb Ring
    White Bag Count: 3
    Death: Rock Dragon (Realm)

  • Wizard (Started: May 2020)
    5/8, 1036 Base Fame, 1975 Total Fame
    Calamity Comet (Thicket Staff), Lab Robe, Expo, Forgotten Ring
    White Bag Count: 9
    Death: Malus (Lost Halls)

  • Ninja (Started: June 2020)
    1/8, N/A Base Fame, 1296 Total Fame
    Kunai, Spectral, Honey Circlet
    White Bag Count: 1
    Death: Anti-Spectator (Oryx’s Chamber)

  • Necromancer (Started: April 2020)
    1/8, 529 Base Fame, 849 Total Fame
    Sphinx, Exa HP
    White Bag Count: 1
    Death: El Dorado (Secluded Thicket)

Rest of the PPEs will be manually added as replies, since I don’t want to constantly edit this post anymore.


I would like more, please


I guess a PPE doesn’t hurt. I do need some warming up to do after taking such a long break.

Trickster PPE! Ah, I remember the pain that RotMG gives! I love it!


Which one?


rift is literally ppe mode, and your progress will be deleted in 2 days anyway. Just do legacy like a cool kid.


Which class should I PPE? I’ll do them all eventually, but what order?

  • Priest
  • Trickster
  • Ninja

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You are either honoring me or forcing me to play Realm, I’m still not sure which. :sweat_smile:




Ninja PPE got updated. Made a YouTube video to try something new. @Ecookied, you’re in it (7:01). @YesButNo I think you’re in it, I’m not sure. (Edit: I don’t think you’re in it. Sorry about that :disappointed_relieved:)

Doing a Priest PPE due to popular request.


no problem :ok_hand:, also btw what’s the link to the vid?


How to get to video?


Uh…click the Ninja PPE and you’ll see the YouTube link.




Resurrecting this incarnation of living hell. Since I can’t edit the original post now, brace yourselves for horrifying, eye-burning PPEs in the form of the most sinister of spams.

I decided to start back up with a Rogue PPE, since I figured it would be easy to get a Planewalker and inflate my ego…LMAO HOW WRONG I WAS.

Ay, I was just talking about how devilish this PPE would be.

About time I got a Cloak. FFS, why did it take so long?

Oof. I was looking for a Puri, but I’ll take it. why have i not gotten a white yet


callin’ it you’re getting back to back ep’s

/s get plankwalker pls


During the Blue Dragon phase, a water ring was spawned like usual. But the four corners didn’t open up for some reason. Perhaps a mere glitch, but we had to survive on a thin ring of land. Fun times.

You guys are kidding right, DECA? Right? Please tell me you’re kidding.

Trash Expo does not go well with good characters. But a trash Expo goes very well with a trash PPE.



Best part – took only 10 sprites.


Gonna post this since it’s my lucky song and I started humming it right before I got the Plane.


tried to tank the corrupted phantom in a lib lol