Gamma's Take on PPE



take a look at your account fame


How did you catch that?
Why did you catch that?


Too dangerous to pick up while taking a screenshot, so I took one from afar. You can still see the wand inside.

Second ever Planewaker. Neato!


Mm, about time.


Been 11 days, dude what happened? I miss my favorite (okay i admit i’ve only ever followed one of these threads) ppe thread already. Gimme an update or something, or an explanation.



Recently got into EVE Online, Realm got stale, the usual. I actually got back yesterday since I wanted to start a PPE to get my mind off some life situations, but I realized I didn’t have the character slots. We’ll see how things go, and thanks for your kind words!


I heard its a fine mmorpg.

Relatable, who doesn’t at some point?

Oof, lady luck already turning her back? I do encourage you to challenge her though.

Mate, I can find many ways to pump you up. Keeping my guildmates morale high after an important death is what I like to do. About that…

I wish you good luck for these challenges you currently/will face. If ever you get knocked down, take your time, recuperate and get up and back stronger than before.




Four-player DDocks.

T8 Wand

T8 Robe

Candy Ring


Surviving a small ddocks on an unlevelled robe class is harder than a small fungal/nest for me…


I tried an hive on a lvl 11 archer, it was impossible.


Were you using T0 bow


Getting a white bag doesn’t feel all too great anymore for some reason. Not sure why; maybe the yellow gas overlay tampered with it. Regardless, I’m happy with the PPE so far.

EDIT: Thought the white was a Conducting Wand. Didn’t realize that it’s a CWand until A) I noticed my very poor DPS (even for a Sorc), and B) it has the exact same range as my tiered swapout.


If you’re going for any alien dungeons on wand ppes then go for blue, the final boss and core drop a reskin daichi wand.


Except that wand’s really rare, and this one’s relatively common.


Oh, is it? I got one each and I didn’t do too many blues, either, so I assumed it had a fair rate. Guess pure luck does blind you at times :pensive:

Some more updates (the ParaHP one was two days ago or somethin):


Quality death. Remind me to never duo Reef.


Never duo reef.


Yeah. Solo reefs!