Gamma's Take on PPE


In every character, even the weakest sorcerer, lies a hero. Each and every one of you doubted me. My days of grinding hundreds of DDocks via tiring Nexus chains are over. The stars have aligned. My destiny has been fulfilled. Everything that ever happened all led up to this moment.

npe btw lel xd
para hp btw lel xd
im so happy btw lel xd


Gamma! It finally happened!!! You have no idea how happy we are for you :smile::balloon::confetti_ball::tada:


DiSmAnTlInG tImE


These were taken the same day as the Concertina. I think I missed a few screenies, but I Thanos-snapped my desktop folder just now, and sifting through 5 gigs of images isn’t really something I’m down for.


I like slacking screenshot categorizing too.

Nice ppe thus far. Keep it up!