Gamma's Take on PPE


I love how I keep getting white bags…and I don’t even get the pots that I came for. It’s honestly pathetic how I got four of these already and still haven’t maxed WIS.

T5 Spell? That’s like, technically a white bag, right?
Feels like it, at least.


First red white where I don’t get that disgusting bow. PPE luck time.


I’ve done roughly 50 red portals and still haven’t gotten a tail reskin smh


Heard about the event white drop rate buff only a moment ago, and decided to try my luck with the QOT farmers.

Originally thought it was a fake white. Probably that character’s first Ent, good grief.

EDIT: Oh, that’s why the Juggs and stuff were on the update page.


Started rough, but now it looks lit. GG


After making some decent progress, I have a feeling this is the time in all of my PPEs where I make some silly mistake and die. What do I mean by this? In short: I’m too scared of dying so I’m going to put my Wizard PPE on pause and do a Knight PPE for some time. This way, if I have two ongoing characters, I won’t have to start over even if one dies.

The Wizard is currently 4/8 (DEF, SPD, DEX, VIT), by the way.


Already starting off better with that expo :wink:
Good luck!


Knight died early, but as always, everything is okay. :wink:


Guild Bard PPE with @LudwiGa, @Epiqtime, and probably a few more guildmates. Genuinely excited because I haven’t played the Bard yet, not even in testing.

Trading will be allowed between us.


Oh yeah i forgot my ppe thread was a thing


Died countless times on the Bard before managing to get the feel for it.
Back to the small updates!

They were both from yesterday, in case you were wondering.


First Tomb. :sunglasses:

My set looks horribly unbalanced now, though. I need to find a good bow soon.


Still with that light blue star on the forums ?

Please don’t change it


Thats a different account


His alt is still blue star anyway


This account is a light blue star.


I’ve always wondered why you use an alt on the forums. Has this been addressed somewhere else?


He probably started using this account and then got forum stuff like badges, regular etc and didnt want to lose it; I remember him asking the mods if it was possible to transfer this forum account’s stuff to a new one



Might have mentioned this before, but I made a ton of different accounts (IDK why) and by chance, I just got a ton of white bags on the RogueGamma account, so naturally I just mained that. Unfortunately, by that time, I had already started using the RealmEye Forum on this account.


Hopping on right after waking up from a nap probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part, but was most definitely worth. Two bow upgrades back to back:

Overall, set’s looking fine, though Nile feels terrible on Bard due to the Lute cooldown.