Gamma's Take on PPE


Tried out the Oryx event.

And I actually got something? What?

Oryx Ability Stuff

EDIT: Oh, and the Spectral Armor. Forgot about that. Also a pet skin.

EDIT 2: Just tried the Kunai. Super fun. What else have I missed out on?


Wait there are objects with special effects that don’t involve you pressing your [ability] key?


Yeah, reaction effects are really common nowadays, even for non-ability items like armor.


Most notably the Resurrected Warrior’s armor. The proc effect really makes it dynamic and is the reason why I terribly want to test it on Pally.

I think resu was the first armor to get a proc effect @TROLLDLLR


Good grief. Did they change that too?


Well basically the armor gives 15 WIS. But if you get touched by something, for the next 3 seconds you lose 10 of that WIS.

I don’t know what you mean by change. I don’t recall the armor being changed and there is no history on realmeye.


Seeing how laughable WIS is of a stat, I see nil reasons for this.

The Resurrected Warrior’s Armor never had the Reactive Proc. The DEF, MP, and WIS(?) stats were the only things on it before it was apparently given a useless do-over.


Huh, I had the feeling it wasnt there before but I thought it was my mind playing tricks.

I think it makes it usable on paladin more than ever: before going deep in a fight, seal up with the extreme WIS then rip things apart. It also promotes dodging.

BUT… the reason you find the mechanic useless is because you only find the armor useful on knight right? Its true that knight can only use this when out of fight, to regenerate a lil bit more of MP.


Debatable. As a player that in fact doesn’t play melee classes as much as most others do, the value I see in specific heavy armors differs quite drastically compared to other players’ thoughts. However, I will go as far as to say that WISMod as a whole is a quite shattered concept – and also one that I would like to see a rework on.

The armor was always considered to be most efficient on the Knight, as most Paladins are better off with more DEF to balance his HP increase. Similar to the previous paragraph on how WISMod is poor increase to the value of WIS, the +WIS is pretty useless, and like always, I would be better off using something like Acrop.


I agree wismod is kinda weird at times. Its just the concept changes the paladin’s gameplay a bit and that is unseen amongst armors.


I have nothing against WIS on heavy armors. I believe the main reason I disliked the rework, and the main reason we started this discussion, was the Reactive Proc.


First white bag.

And as always, mana is the first to get maxed.

RIP to the people who died in that very Encore. All of the puppets were activated at the same time.

Everyone blamed the lag. But apparently it’s possible with enough DPS? Pretty insane.




CDepths were very common pops due to the mark event (although USSouth was a garbage server and I would disconnect at least 50% of the time). OTs and Encores were also popped frequently, so maxing mana is pretty chill.


Oh, I just thought that you were usually maxing it first.




bulwark drops were buffed


Wasn’t that, like, a longlonglonglonglonglonglongtryingtofitthisinonelinelonglonglonglonglong time ago?


:face_with_monocle: :triumph: :gun:




Apparently a lot of people got popped by those Anti-Spectators.

Kind of a silly death, and seeing how there were a ton of people covering it, I’m still not sure if there was anything I could have done to prevent it.

(EDIT: It was after Oryx’s death when everyone was on top of the loot bag. I don’t remember anything that I got from it other than a Griff and a Note.

Anyways, I’ll be moving on to the Sorcerer since that was the second most popular choice in the poll I made last week. Then I’ll go through the rest – Knight, Mystic, Warrior, Wizard (I know they’re all one-votes, the poll’s just in that specific order).

Sorc updates will be out on either today or tomorrow.