Gamma's Try at PPE (Thread)


Priest PPE in a random order


Don’t have a pic but I got a CBow and CTrap from a popped OT
i swear i got it legit

EDIT: Not CTrap, sorry - CRing.


I have been waiting for this


The easiest grind I have ever experienced.

The best season for a ridiculously easy PPE.

Oh, cool, I finally get a Tome upgrade.


Not gonna lie, 3/3 Tombs on PPEs are super rare for me.

Yes, please.

A Robe would obviously be the best, but I’ll also take the Leather because I want one for my Archer. That’s a solid 2/3 probability that I’ll get something that I want.

I hate this game.


Oh, cool. Now I get it. Looks like my ornament grind was pointless. Thank you, DECA.

The most terrifying dirty solo Ice Tomb I have ever experienced. Surely DECA must reward me with some decent loot!

Thank you, DECA.

Oh and apparently, I forgot to upload this thing a while back:


you have no idea how happy i am


my wifi poopoo so i only saw

tbh i thought you got fallen xD

Gz on such a good ppe! You’re making me want to come back to the game :<


Oh, no, that would never happen.

Got super cocky in an Ice Tomb. It’s annoying, but I’m not all to pissed, since it was a PPE and I had a lot of fun and lost nothing from the experience.

2/8 Priest
Recomp Reskin, T5 Tome, GSorc Reskin, Expo

Mystic PPE coming up next, my boys.


May you never rage quit like I did, brother. Godspeed.


Okay, here are the goals:

  • Friend of the Cubes (never kill a cube)
  • Sniper (75+% accuracy acc farm here we gooo)
  • Tunnel Rat (complete a bunch of listed dungeons)
  • Oryx Slayer (killing blow to oryx)
  • 5-Star / 2000+ Fame (lmao gl to me)
  • Enemy of Gods (deca god hates me, so that won’t be hard)




This might help, if you don’t have this information committed to memory:

I believe in you!


Oh shoot. More gods than I thought. I thought it was confined to the Godlands. Ty for enlightening me.