Gauging Interest: An Ideas Discord Server


Just a quick little post to gauge interest on an ideas Discord Server. While I respect the effort and ideas that @Atrapper put into the ideas server on RE Discord. (which you should all join)

However I think the reason that never took off is because ATrapper never, spread the word, well. Anyway I think it would be much more helpful to Spriters and Idea Creators if we had a bigger, more structured group to give feedback and criticism before ideas are posted.

If this were to take off we would need interested people, a stat I am trying to gauge right now. If I go forward it may also be beneficial to post on r/rotmg for maximum exposure.

###Quick Poll, Would you be interested in joining such a server?

  • Yes
  • No

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Any ideas and opinions would be appreciated, thanks for reading!

RotMG Ideas Discord
How have you impacted the game?

I don’t know how much I would contribute, but I would definitely like to join just for lurking.
And stealing ideas


Do you mean a new server or just a new channel on the existing server?

I think a channel would be enough. Also it could be leveraged for people who have very incomplete ideas but want to receive feedback, instead of just taking them their ideas are unfinished.


@Stupidity is slimily correct, a channel on the current server would be fine…

Could someone pls link me to the server? I appear to have lost my way…


I believe this is the one


Thanks man!



We do have one. It’s just somewhat failed, if I must be honest.


the current one in my opinion isnt really a failer, before i would kidnap proasdfase and iamshurima to look over my idea (rip them).

but with this, i can get a small group of highly experienced idea users to judge things. I might have a different vision than you guys have.

What is your vision with it, i thought it was just a more chill #ideas ? or to discusse an idea to see if it’ll work, but if you make it into a bigger server, than you get more people, thus everyone basically knows your ideas and steals them, or such things. I would actually like it, but it would just have a different use, i wouldnt share my ideas there though, where i would have a higher probability doing so in this smaller channel.


My opinion of the Discord channel is that it’s to get other idea creator and critics’ opinions on ideas, sprites, etc. to allow for polishing them before posting.

If we made a whole server, I’d make a sort of “Trusted Creator” or “Trusted Critic” roll that grants access to an exclusive channel. That would sort of solve your conundrum.


yes that was probably what i was thinking off, i would like this, i would like to see others who arent on the realmeye forums.

Would be neat.


I’ll consider making the RotMG Ideas Server. Of course, I’ll wait to see what Curlip thinks.


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