Geb wand and oryx scepter nova bug


Both the geb wand and oryx scepter have a “nova” which shoot out from the player. The two procs actually share a cooldown so the oryx scepter with a cooldown of 8 seconds is constantly put on cooldown whenever the geb wand effect activates. Here’s a video I threw together showing it.


This is a bug with everything that shares the same “Activate”. To quote from a similar post, regarding Soul’s Guidance and the Tome of the Tarnished Gods:

In this case, both the Geb Wand and Siege Scepter use the “BulletCreate” activate, which is basically what allows things to shoot multiple types of projectiles that do different things (in the Wand’s case, Slowing projectiles; in the Scepter’s, the different textures for the bullets).

If this gets fixed, a lot of things can open up designwise as well. The reason that it was never or rarely an issue before is because of

  1. less items having an activate
  2. virtually nothing outside of abilities having more than one type of activate with a cooldown in the first place

This was actually why the AoO Rings now only give stats; they used to grant you additional shots as well, but that interfered with - you guessed it - the Scepter.


I’m guessing it’s not as simple as giving each item (that has a proc) a special ID that has its own independent cooldown before they go through to “Activate” or “BulletCreate”. Cause if it was that easy, surely they would’ve seen it sooner. Or maybe it just sounds easier than it really is. Kinda like the whole player transparency thing. I still wonder how they fixed it.


I had no idea they changed the cooldown from 20 to 8. This thing is badass now. Of course the activate conflict is unfortunate, but I’m still pleased with this news overall.


as a software engineer, just-


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