Gem Event?


What is this gem event? How does it work and how long does the amethyst gem event last before the next gem event comes on? What’s the best UT to get: Tome, Shield, Cloak, or Spell?

Which Magic Gem reward will you take? (poll)

Collect all of the gems and you can get yourself one of the 4 UTs

You get a single shard for turning in the required marks to the tinkerer. It’s a repeatable quest so you can do it as many times as you need. You need 10 shards to get a gem, and if you do it within the week the gem is available then you get a few quest chests and ST shards along with your gem. The entire event will last presumably through all of June, so even if you don’t get your gem within the week it was released you’ll still have the next week to get it.

In my opinion, the Spell and the shield are less worthwhile, while the Cloak and the Tome seem to be great options (however I have only used the spell so I wouldn’t know the answer for sure)


Having used the Cloak, I can say that it is a very worthwhile item. The spell is also quite good if you have a strong pet (mheal above 80 or so) and can use it multiple times.


tysm very helpful :slight_smile:


No problem! If you have anymore questions don’t be afraid to ask and good luck on getting your gems :heart:




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