General game appreciation thread


there is a lot of criticism for realm, constructive and not constructive.

I think sometimes, it’s nice to hear positives things about a project you have worked on.

so post things that you appreciate about realm, maybe a bug fix or anything you want.

I appreciate for one, the new vault layout and many other recent new additions to realm. Wow is all I can say the game has really come a far way and it is great to see it continuously improving

I also appreciate all the dedicated members of the community who have stuck with the game and helped to feed its growth of content.



i appreciate the shatters, my favourite dungeon. i will miss it once it’s gone thanks to it’s bastard rework and i will always cherish it.



I appreciate the amount of effort that was put into reworking old iconic dungeons into something much better designed and far more aesthetically pleasing


I appreciate exaltations, I’m so happy it’s not something we can grind out in just a few weeks. It’s super nice to have something to work towards again in the game


I appreciate the new client. Nothing could have ever resparked my interest in this game like moving away from Flash Projector. I hope the backend work goes at least as well. Thank you for this huge investment.


I appreciate my jugg


I appreciated my jugg


I also appreciate when i do 100 o2s without any mercys banes, and then i open 2 st chests and get 2 mercys.
#remove mercys from st chests #make mercys drop more




because, like tenne, mercy’s bane is an st (the best dps armor) that drops from a semi-easy dungeons, unlike the extremely hard-to-get diplomatic robe/luke robe. they arent accessible in a heavily p2w thing (mys box shop)


I appreciate deca’s dedication to the game.
Although they may not be giving us what we really want, they are working to improve the game in other ways


I appreciate the people who play the game and for deca for cough cough attempting to fix bugs even if they aren’t.


I appreciate those who leave feedback during public testing sessions and genuinely wish to see the game improve, and also the existence of Unibro’s bosses giving me some of my tensest and proudest experiences to date.


Dammah and Leuc robe are UTS


yes, but my point is, if hirejou tenne is not available through mystery st chests, neither should mercys


The only reason why Tenne isn’t available in ST chests is because ST sets give you the newest ST set that currently drops, and there’s been no new ST knight set. Once there’s a new knight ST set, and it starts dropping in dungeons, then Mercy’s will be removed

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The Arena was one of Kabam’s more risky yet hopeful additions. I do know it had a bunch of flaws, but it acted like a minigame and served as a break from the complete repetition of this game.


I appreciate all the dye options we have, there’s really a rather large selection, + we can buy them with fame? very cool


I appreciate the forums <3


I appreciate @Toastrz :smiley: