General game appreciation thread


First off, I appreciate @Tauntauned for making this thread! I think something like this really should have existed much earlier, and I hope to see it stay active for years to come! though I suppose it was probably made with Thanksgiving in mind… My thought stands.

I appreciate @Wotansson for joining the community and giving us updates. Even though Realmeye isn’t official, it has been a major hub for RotMG discussion for years, and I think it is generally better for long discussions than Reddit, which is very sensationalist. It is great to have a DECA member checking in, and I hope he sticks around!


I appreciate all the unique items there are! It’s endless combinations!


I appreciate the gold packages. I like how that was setup. I didn’t even need to make a new purchase on some of my accounts.


I appreciate how there are so many Easter eggs, like the oryx statue in the vault and how arachna has a chance to be her old sprite. I love it how the developers/designers just put it in there to make someone happy. It is this kind of dedication to the player base/to their work that I love.


Probably the thing I appreciate the most in this game are the random people I usually find and stop a moment and have a chat with them. They always improve my mood and, in most of cases, I make new realmish friends.

I also appreciate the good feeling of giving gear and pots to new players; makes me feel grea with myself.


@Sansisgood Please keep the thread on track. There are other places for complaining, and this thread is specifically dedicated for actual apprectiation of the game, not sarcastic retorts.


Two things I appreciate the best: The art as well as the music.

The music adds personalities to dungeons, areas or even bosses that would not be possible with just art alone. I really feel that Wangle’s done an amazing job with the OST of Realm, and with each new piece coming out, it gets better and better (imo at least). Apostasy definitely is my favourite theme. While a good number have criticised it for being too “slow” for an endgame boss theme, I actually don’t mind the speed, I’m more focused with how menacing the theme is and the despair/evil feel it gives at certain parts. That isn’t to say those criticisms are wrong, everyone’s got their own views and opinions in the end. After all, I think most of us can agree this is better than the generic RotMG theme of Wildshadow and Kabam days haha

And the art, dear lord the art is amazing especially for Oryx Sanctuary and the recently reworked dungeons. Like, if you have the time to stop for a moment and admire the setting of these areas, you can really see the sheer amount of effort and detail that went into making them. To put it simply, I love 'em, and it’s probably one of the main reasons I am excited to see the rework of other existing dungeons x)


what I appreciate the most is DECA’s ability to make choices that dont just blindly follow whatever the “majority” of players want, instead focusing on updates that make the game better (puri “nerf”)


by “majority” of players i mean the ton of noobs that dont even dodge and blindly rely on healing thorugh everything.


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'Preciated Deca that they implemented Vital Combat. This thing is needed to tackle extremely overpowered Discords and trimming down the Discord-reliant Realmers. Vit buff is really good.

What else? Vault rework.


I appreciate the game now because I can kill whatever I want, and I can autofire the whole time.


I will add on to this: I appreciate that when I’m clearing and not rushing a dungeon, I’m making progress towards a fame achievement


I appreciate finally being able to purge the realm from the sickness that are cubes. thank you deca




Aight ngl that made me laugh :joy::rofl:


KAGE WHAT THE HECK U RICH AS FRICK. If u wanted I could hang on to a few of those… imp skins look soooooo niceeeeee


wtf how do you have so many decas? is that a mule account?


I honk this was meant to be a reply to @kageboshi I only have 1 deca ring on my account


Kage has literally run thousands of LHs. I think he is in the top 5 for completions. His account is incredibly wealthy.