Generations of Rotmg players


Continuing the discussion from Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~:

That thread :arrow_heading_up: got me thinking,

What would qualify a player as a Boomer in Rotmg terms? Players who were around when the game hit its “peaks” as the Kabam era began? WIth unsoulbound UTs available, and then pets came along to supercharge our abilities and survivability.

Would the other generations translate into Rotmg terms?

There’s definitely something generational-feeling about players who have only ever known the grind of play during the sb soulbound times and pets have been ever-present (are these our Millennials/Gen Y?).

And those who have only experienced Rotmg alongside Discord for organised raids, you only vaguely remember when O2 didn’t invite you to the dance and throw exploding suns, that feels like another new generation (Gen Z?).

Wait does that mean I’m saying the Wild Shadow era players who knew the old WS forums were the “Greatest Generation” :sunglasses: . Self-centred much.

Gen X: if you survived through the desolate years of Kabam c.2014-2016. Maybe you were active on the Kabam forum. You might remember Swatsec from your first days but you didn’t lose much.

The Silent Generation (between Greatest Generation and Boomers), dunno, maybe the comparison is falling down now…

The Lost Generation, the oldest named generation on Wikipedia = I guess these guys were around only for the earliest days of Realm in 2010, when Oryx materialised in the Realm after enough monsters were killed, then ragequit when gravelooting stopped being a thing.

And Generation Alpha (Gen α) is going to be the next thing… So this would equate to future players who will know nothing but Unity and Oryx3.

Yeah okay I had a few days to think about this while the forum was down.

So you are a true Rotmg Boomer if you keep harping on about the “old days” when you could trade 8 Life for a Bulwark or Pyra, and when Tomb/Shatters were the endgame.

How does that fit? Have I insulted you or your mother by putting you in the wrong Rotmg generation? :stuck_out_tongue:


I joined during the kabam era, but towards the tail end during the updateless and silent lull of no updates. I poked around on the kabam forum and recognized a few people from the kabam forums when I moved here (like candyshi), but I know that no one would remember me from back then.

So, wherever that puts me on the generational ladder. I have known pre-deca times but I have not experienced un-sb uts or swatsec or other kabam staple moments (aside from the “dying period”).

Honestly part of me misses that quiet, stable time period compared to the relentless drowning events of today. It wasn’t perfect (see: multiboxers), but I was at least interested. These days I’m just sick of it. I’d still say early deca era when myzz and krathan were both here and active was the best time period, but I have fond memories of kabam’s “dying period”.

Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~

Back when first joined the game, there were still ammies in the nexus for 11500 fame, though I am not sure if it was already the version that had a chance of failing.

I experienced the introduction of pets ( those extra ~3hp/sec really made maxing easier for poor 2013 me) both swatsec incidents, the introduction of shatters (though I think I only completed two or three during the kabam era), the first motmg, the great soulbinding, both ut weekends, the multiboxing era, the “nothing interesting happend at all” of 2015, the alchemist, the Deca takeover, the notifiers (god that was annoying), the times when people crashed realms to dupe items, the start of mass people discord runs, the removal of high sb threshholds, the rise of chest events and all the more recent stuff.

2017 was the golden era of realm.


I made @Xaklor think

I feel accomplished


I actually remember playing during the Wild Shadow period. I had a friend introduce me to RotMG back then and I played as one of the many unnamed players until I realised I could make an account, though I’m not exactly sure when. I also had many breaks so I don’t even exactly remember the SwatSec period, though I’m pretty sure I got a character slot out of it, so I’m not even sure what “generation” I would be at this point.


I started in 2013, back when a friend introduced me to it. Had a blast for a short while, then moved on to other games for a bit (see: TF2).
Sometime later, around 2015 or so, I started playing again. At the time, pets were already a thing, cause I do remember having a Chick (I still do! Check my pet yard - I named it “Never a Divine, never a 100/100/100”, because of a comment someone made about it u,w,u) as my “main pet”.
Back when SLVRDLLR was very active, too.

I was also a little active on the Kabam forums, as “Sealed Coffin” - I originally wanted to be “Nikao the Azure Dragon”, but that was already taken >_<
Surprisingly, a few of the sprites for item ideas I made back then are still somewhere in #ideas. Ah, back when the only UT trap was Coral Venom…


I guess I’m not a boomer

I started in like 2014 or something like that. I started in the kabam era. I remembered when pets were rare in my opinion to have since I just started.

Also I said boomer because boomer = old = old memories, I didn’t think as deep at this.

Also one of our resident boomers I know of is @Nevov for having one of the highest fame while being one of the oldest players.


I started playing literally 2 years 3 days before I made this post


what kind of thoughtless knob do you think I am? thonkirby

my brain is constantly thinking about everything. always hyperanalyzing everything nonstop, always going over thoughts and ideas and conversations both hypothetical and real, probing every possible version of events to find the best course of action. it sounds like something that would be very useful since it can be used to constantly seek to improve things even when at rest, and to always make sure you say things that you’ve thought through and can stand with. however, as anyone else who does the same thing can attest, it’s more of a curse than anything else. most of that energy is spent dwelling on things I’ve done wrong and things that haven’t done well. constantly poring over all my faults and rehearsing everything I hate about myself so I can pre-prepare a list of excuses in case I let someone down and a list of justifications for myself when I inevitably fall apart to make sure I believe that I deserved it.

a much greater accomplishment both in terms of difficulty and in terms of not accidentally looking like a backhanded insult would be to present me with something that forces my mind to shut up for 5 minutes so I can finally rest. good luck with that though, because unlike some people around here I usually think about what I say before I say it, even if it’s super trivial so I end up wasting a lot more brainpower than a reasonable person probably should.


It was me that you made think to post this topic, you silly, if that’s what you’re talking about. :laughing:


What if my first white was a lib white


I think I win?


no generation for those who started when deca took over, aka not exactly when everything was sb

Guess I’m the lost generation!


Im gonna put myself here

@CrayKiller even older than a boomer smh


no u
2010 account creation, did pretty well, and quit after dying to sandmen. many more ragequits in between years from then and now. too bad I never got good early on, else maybe i would’ve seen more moments in my days


I started playing in 2011/2012. I really can’t remember. I do remember always being bad at the game and that ammies could be bought for fame in nexus. Soon after they became the zombie amulets and for only 5000 or 1000 or something like that.

No idea where that puts me


I came around the 2014-2016 era so Im a gen x / boomer.

I still remember pets being introduced, and everyone trying to at least get one pet. Now in days people don’t think too much about getting a uncommon pet egg. Before when it was still soulbound it was still quite something to be excited about. Prices were also stable due to there not being any events to mess with it. It was also quite p2w though which as a f2p player was nice to see the calendar. I still remember the release of the calendar where if you login for a straight week you get another special bonus, then over months time we are where we are today. I still have the pet rock from the great pet bug, I have transformation potions for nastagia. (don’t know how to spell that) Like I said before I had an alt on kabam, one day tried to relog in but I was so confused to learn deca bought rotmg.


Wtf am I then a mf infant? The only thing of note I experienced was Bert being gay


2012 = boomer? The only thing that ever broke my RotMG addiction was League lol. But whenever the league grind got tiring I came back to realm. Now I cannot wait for Unity because it’s a constant 15 fps in large groups for me. Can’t believe this little game stretched from my middle school days to college now. I would have never predicted that!


I touched the game once before I actually started playing. Back when the old “You blink, You Die” ads were playing on all the flash game websites. I don’t remember back when that was. I also can’t remember for sure, but I THINK (maybe) that when you died, your whole account got deleted? (I could be wrong)

I actually joined/started playing Right before/During the Golden Era of realm, back in December 2016. After about a year of RotMG, I stopped. Now, I just returned.