Genetically Modifying Pets


After 4 years+ on realm i cease to ever get Heal,Mheal,Elec and lots of people encounter this issue

So i decided what if there was a way you can edit your pet in the pet yard to design your “perfect pet”

I present you the Lab:

(Not a spriter)

So first off in order to be able to engineer the pet you need to fill it, with items(how you normally feed pet) the maximum it can go is 5000fp(will explain later) Its very cheap to load an item(100 fame) For all pets level
-The bar on the right side shows you how much power is in it and on the left is where you feed it some fill power

:Price should say “1000” not “1500”

Ok first off you select the pet on the left side
~No matter what level, upgrade time is the same
-12hrs for first stat
-24hrs for second stat
-36hrs for third stat

Price for upgrade varies on pet level(All price is fame)
Common - 250(1st level)
Uncommon-250 1st level// 500 2nd level
Rare- 500 (1st level) 1000 (2nd level)
Legendary 1000 1st level// 1250 2nd level// 1500 third level
Divine 1500 first level// 1750 2nd level// 2000 third level


obligatory monsanto joke

I like the idea, but I think the greater issue is that a lot of pet abilities are not that great, such as savage, rising fury, and attacks


Thats controversial


good idea buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut… only 3 abilities of pets are good.


Nothing about the amount of abilities is changing, its only replacing it


thats the point, it’s a good idea but a bit useless because electric heal and magic heal are the only good abilities for pets


I TOTALLY agree with the poor abilities sentiment.

Tbh, Kabam didn’t think it out very well on what kinds of abilities to give pets. Rising Fury it just…wtf

heal, Mheal, and paralyze are probs the most useful

Decoy and attacks are useless tbh

If we need ANYTHING on pets, its different abilities


Has anyone here been taught that GMO is really bad?


Decoy’s not totally bad… it’s better than the others
It can reasonably be used as an alternative to electric.


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