Geodesic Necromancer (Featuring Anti-Wismod and new sprites!)


Ahaha, yes, it is rather absurd when you say it like that. I was adding excessive buffs because there was already a -100 MP cost that was only countered by lackluster buffs when comparing to Pyra;

In turn, when I added a lackluster -50 MP, I added a huge amount of buffs. I may have also mistaken the ring to be of end-game content.

Compared to Pyra w/ adjustments I had:

-100 MP -5 Wis for +20 HP, +2 Def, +2 Atk.

-150 MP -5 Wis for +80 HP, +9 Def, +6 Atk, +6 Spd,

My thought process was in terms of trade-off. Since MP and HP are on the same level of “priority”, being split evenly in a lot of UT rings and all. I thought I would go about it like this:

-150 MP + 80 HP = -70 MP

Though MP and Def/Atk are definitely incomparable. I overshot it with–

-70 MP = +9 Defense, 6 Atk (Doesn’t look right)

-5 Wis = +6 Speed (Doesn’t look right either)

Because I was constantly thinking about 20% Madness.

Catch my drift though?

This seems pretty good. HP and MP seem to be completely balanced to net 0. -5 Wis and 20% Madness being countered with balanced Defense and Atk works decently. Classes that have Wismod definitely aren’t gonna want this, but other classes will still find use for it. I might be biased, but I’d still like to see A sprinkle of Spd. Would be nice to have a fast necro with the full set, plus it’ll be more well-rounded and I like how HP, Def, and Spd have been part of all the other set-pieces :smile:


Thanks for the link! I probably should’ve read that before starting…


Thanks for the feedback! I could fit in a couple points of speed somewhere (I also like my sets speedy), but I’m glad you agree with the changes I made! Great feedback, I’ll add the stat changes in soon!

The big text was super useful! Now my scree is as big as your laughter


Can I just point out how incredibly overpowered this ring would be on a warrior or rogue? For those classes, a legendary pet (which is quite feasible for many players nowadays) will allow them to use their abilities permanently anyways, and so the mp and wis stats can pretty much be ignored so long as you have the mp to use your ability at least once. You then end up with a ring that gives 130 hp, 7 def and 7 atk, which seems to be a bit too much, imo. I might suggest changing the negative wis stat to a negative of another stat, though that might go against the overall theme of the set.


Yeah, that’s what makes it so hard to balance.


Is DEF really that valuable on rogue or warrior? I’d argue that rogues shouldn’t be trying to tank things and warriors and rogues should both focus on more DPS than anything, and the ring is subpar when looking at it from that angle

Compared to Crown, the ring provides +20 HP, -5 to offensive stats, and 7 DEF that is not super important on rogue and in the endgame in general when eating a lot of shots (or even a few!) spells death


Fair point on rogue, but warrior is still an issue.


How so? Melees already have DEF coming out of their every orifice with the abilities and heavy armors giving them DEF and Paladins being hurt by WIS mod


@platformz Check out the madness sprite I threw together real quick!


I like it, though, I’d make the bottom part more similar to Sick.


Good reminder, I made the bottom different to make it stand out more from sick, but then I forgot to revert it when I added the horns to make it resemble the skull

Here’s the revised one


Perfect, different colors and slightly different shape.


Just as an update, specifically to @puffagod and @platformz and the other people who are looking forward to the dungeon idea, I actually haven’t really started yet

My design process is super scatterbrained and jumpy and right now I’ve been just doing other things then occasionally writing some ideas, but those occasional ideas are pretty cool! It will take at least a week for me to get the basic premise down then another to flesh it out probably?

I’ve also been spending way too much time editing this post (31 edits! I think my nitpickiness is also shining through and my verbosity for sure)

Sorry if you guys thought I actually had a real dungeon going!


don’t worry about it man it took me over two years to get my last ‘dungeon’ idea out and it isn’t even finished… no need to rush C: the dedication to just this element is however promising!


OwO did i just get an invite?

Anyhow, it looks like this dungeon will be endgame-tier or so, meaning sprites should probably be more detailed. Take below for an example:

Staff of Unholy SacrificeSkull of Corrupted SoulsRitual RobeBloodshed Ring

One set’s detailed, well-shaded, and looks like the real sweet stuff, while the other…isn’t so much. I know the Staff’s supposed to be “simple”, but it usually won’t cut it and people will often see at as nothing more than a bad sprite no offense.

New%20Piskel%20(86) New%20Piskel%20(84) New%20Piskel%20(83) New%20Piskel%20(88)
Obviously, you don’t have to use these. They’re just to give you an idea of what I mean.

I think I’ll skip over most of the stats because I’m terrible at it. However, I feel like Madness (0 WIS) doesn’t matter that much since pets are a thing. The Skull seems very original, which is always nice, but my fear is that it’s too complicated for a simple pixel shooter like RotMG. I suggest keeping things nice and simple, since that’s where a lot of the famous items come from – Jugg, Oreo, Conflict, etc. That doesn’t mean cut off “charging” and other important bits, though.

Small suggestion: Make the description for the Skull two sentences. Pretty much all items are limited to this number.

Overall, the set looks great. Not really much to change as far as I can see.


Yes you did! Particularly because I’ve noticed that you give great feedback for sprites (which I’ll admit aren’t too much of a strong suit for me and I was getting a lot of feedback on the mechanics only)

Alright, I’ll try my best to improve that

None taken, I know you’re coming from a place of good intentions

That’s very true, so that’s why my intention was to use it to hurt WISMOD classes along with the huge negative MP stats you get from the set

I don’t see why it is, it’s just charging a skull for more radius and less damage/healing!

Those are a bit of a pet peeve of mine since their ubiquity mainly comes from their age and power, all they really do at the end of the day is give strong effects without anything else. Don’t get me wrong, that is interesting, but I just feel that there is so much more to explore for UTs besides giving effects

Oh shoot ok I didn’t notice that

Thanks! I’m glad to hear that from someone who (at least in my mind) has experience with these things! That was a lot of good feedback


Oh and thanks in particular for actually making an entire set! This will be a huge help for when I’m bumbling around in and I know that it probably took you a good amount of time to do this



I finally did it! I fixed the sprites, what do you think?


Ooh, I love what you did with the staff – it reminds me of the Wand of the Fallen. The single edge and particle effect makes it stand out in the crowd of UT weapons, so that’s a plus. I also noticed the bend in the handle at the top, and I love that too!

One thing I see often in your sprites (and in many sprites in general, not just you) is the lack of contrast between shades. I’ve explained this a few times in the past, but lemme talk about it once more.

Take these two swords for example:
The sword to the right is clearly the “better” sprite because we see contrast among the different shades of gray. Since the shading is sharp, we know that it’s made out of shiny metal, while the other sword looks like a dull stone weapon.

(NOTE: Remember that more contrast in shading does NOT mean more shading.)

Now let’s input this principle into the staff:


This time, we only used two shades. Sometimes, simpler is better, although the crystal is small compared to a sword blade. Thus, the improvement may not show too well. So at this point, it’s all based on preference.

If you look at my old staff sprite, you’ll notice that I made a hook-like feature at the bottom of the staff, and I did it because I personally hate a bland staff bottom.

So let’s try a similar feature and add a bit of shading:


The reason I did a hook and not a full square is because I wanted to avoid a fat bottom like below:


:arrow_up: No-no staff :x:

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can also go for a cool glow effect on the handle so it looks like the crystal’s really bright.


But notice how I executed it so that you can clearly see the contrast between the normal part and the brighter part.


Don’t do it like this, because from far away, you won’t be able to tell the difference.


It’s important to note, however, that the glow effect can either enhance a sprite or greatly ruin it. The method will sometimes make an item look overshaded. Remember that it’s okay to skip over extra stuff like this!

We’ll be using the same things we talked about to recreate the Skull as well (more contrast in shading, the glow technique, etc.).


You’ll often be told never to use pure white when drawing a sprite, but when you’re dealing with something this bright, you have a good excuse. Besides, we need those eyes to look dazzling and magical!

The Geode ring also needs more contrast because I already see a good three or four shades not much distinction. But you probably already get my point, so I’ll stop this textwall and let you handle it.

Best of luck!


I really like the idea of what you’re doing, but I find the sprites a bit conflicting.

The grey + sky blue combination, in my opinion, does not appeal to the eye, and it makes me feel that the grey should be darker (and more Realm of the Mad God-like, though I don’t know how to explain that).

So, I tried to make my own, to just provide an example of what I think I’d like better. I’d also love to know what you think as well of these colours, or if you prefer the original better.

Sprite-0002-export Sprite-0003-export Sprite-0001-export Sprite-0004-export

Even then, this is a set of items that will definitely catch people’s attention, and I would really like to try it. Definitely a good idea :smiley: