Geodesic Necromancer (Featuring Anti-Wismod and new sprites!)


you’re saying it like hp is nothing though. also def on warrior/rogue is amazing especially if you want to make use of breastplate/mercy/tenne. to be honest defensively this might end up being the best ring, while also providing 7 att to them as a cherry ontop.

sure you give up 6 dex from crown, but when you’re getting 20 hp, 7 def, and 1 att from it thats so much better.


But isn’t Warrior gonna get a Wismod on his ability though? The risk of 20% madness balances it out in that case by reducing his overall dps.


Thanks again for the great feedback AND examples! I will try my best to correct the shading (I got the same advice from Aurum on the realm discord)

I’m glad you liked the staff! I had to try really hard to make a unique and interesting shape that I was satisfied with

I’m glad you liked the sprites, but I picked the colors with a specific image in mind.

Thanks for taking the time to recolor the whole set though! I appreciate all the time everyone has been putting into their comments, I like to think that it’s a reflection of the time that I put in too!

But when berserk boosts DEX, you’re really losing out on 9 DEX which is a lot of DPS for a class focused on DPS. Rogues also really shouldn’t be focusing on defensive stats as their premise is to not take any aggro at all.

And even if the ring is “broken” on two classes, that’s not too bad imo. Some rings are “broken” on all classes in some ways


Madness is likely Sickness on status effect, set wis 0 and disable every MP recovery.
I like this Madness idea, but there already quiet and silence…


Not quite, pets are a core part of the game now and will always be

Not quite, this is meant to impact WISmod classes specifically


Hello there. I very much enjoy the set, and from reading this thread, it seems that the balancing of the ring in particular evokes some discussion. So I would like to give some perspective as someone who is a purely casual player.

For a little background, I have played for over 8 years now and have a legendary pet that I was able to acquire with next to no real money investment. Thus, I can permacloak and do all the fancy things other advanced players can.

When I see this ring, I just cannot help but think that this is legit one of the best rings I have ever seen. And when I say this, I am very much talking about almost every class. Why is this? Well, I am a casual player. I give not a single shit about dps, min-maxing or efficiency. All I care about is playing the game for the sake of playing it, but with this in mind, the ring slot has always been one to fuel specifically my survivability. I am one of the people who will only play ASS, simply because they like the weapon. I will play a shitty dagger just because it looks cool and gives me good vibes while playing. To me, this ring is utterly amazing. I would honestly play this, without much hesitation, on nearly any class, except priest (since geb ring is so easily obtainable) and Knight because of the amount of stuns I can dish out. Because I really couldn’t care less about a spellbomb more or less on my wizard. Because I don’t mind losing lots of dmg on my sorc. Because I won’t mind not being able to dish out an extra buff on my pally (especially since the removed the insta heal). All I see when I look at this ring is the fact that it provides not only exceptional survivability but also a significant boost in dmg, which I personally prefer atk over dex boost. Also, my favourite / main class is the rogue. If I could, I would never ever play another ring on rogue. Why should I? For the the brief time of visibility, this ring almost guarantees that I can survive any encounter, even if I really screw up, while also providing a significant boost to my damage, making it even easier to get soulbound damage in during the invisibility. Why shouldn’t I play this on wizard? Because I can drop a spellbomb less? Who cares?? I get a ton of HP with a great boost to def and atk! Who cares if I can deal more dmg when I can just survive much easier? Because dps rly doesn’t matter to me, all that matters to me is keeping my characters alive and getting soulbound. So why would the negative stats detract me in any way from using it? In my eyes, this ring has no negative stats. All I see is a shitton of survivability for the neglegible price of losing some ability-related dps. Like I said, the only classes I wouldn’t play this on are knight and Priest, but this is specifically because I cannot yet chainstun reliably without mp pots and more stuns actually matter to me still, and for priest I am solely focused on the survival of others, so in this case my own survivability is of secondary importance.


I’m glad you like it! I also tend to not care about “optimal” strats and just play to live another day. But I’m going to be honest, I’m confused as to if you want me to change anything about this.

Should I think about the stats some more or are you simply enjoying the idea?


I am somewhat torn. On one hand, as I said, I very much enjoy the set as a whole. It is aesthetically pleasing, has a decent balance to it and it would certainly be a set I would want to have, even if it is just pieces. I am not sure how you should go about balancing it. If the dungeon related to it is an endgame dungeon comparable to or above shatters (basically, if the items are hard enough to acquire) I think the set is actually decently balanced as is. I was mainly trying to add some perspective specific to the ring, which to any casual player with a decent pet is basically a godsend. That said, I believe the ring is ok the way it is since anyone who actually cares about their dps and min maxing will likely only see limited use for it.

I give you praise overall for the set design, it is a refreshing take on the necromancer and I would surely enjoy playing with it.



I tried my best using MP and Madness, but it still may not be enough?

Then I guess I’m in the clear since I plan to make it an endgame dungeon!

That’s a perspective that’s actually really important, as it’s actually my own perspective, and also because I forgot about the people who are more relaxed since they are the least vocal : P

Thank you for the compliments! I would love to play this too someday, I designed it to be fun to use for myself first, others second lol


Good news! I just did a 30 min brainstorm session where I solely focus in on one thing for the actual dungeon and I have a lot of promising ideas! Hopefully I will post to WIP soon


The dungeon is starting to take shape! I’m excited, but also a little daunted by the sheer amount of work my ideas will take

BTW thanks for all the support for this idea guys!

holy shit 1k views

4/29: no more brainstorming, semester end is near and I am also near death

5/1: I’m in deep shit

5/4: took break from study, blasted out lots of cool ideas (8 UTs plus 8 activated versions of UTs plus the necro set and boss ideas and cool dungeon mechanics)

5/5 i blasted out some sprites and solidified some of the UTs, check em out!


Hey man, this is a very nice set! Had been keeping my eyes for a while, both in the set and into the dungeon. I did a silly sketch here of a set, tell me what you think later, if you need any help with further sprites and itens, just message me up, would be fun to throw away in some neat ideas, be safe!

Set Sprites


Thanks! I’ll hit you up for some sprites probably, my monster spriting is pretty…rough

Tiles and environment is also rough

Heck all the art is rough lol





Very cool! I really like what you did, I might take notes from it

Looks a bit like ttail too



Finally made a monster sprite (subject to lots of change)! Thanks yo Tyii on the discord for the base sprite I used!

Here’s hoping I make more (and that fucking exams end soon)



Big thanks to @Mizumi and @Tyii with this iteration for the arm and head and shading and thanks to @BLOODQWEN and @bones on the ideas discord for refinement!

Edit #?:

Redid real quick geode thanks to @icky on the main discord

Edit 1823798173:

I’ll be making a WIP post for this probably, apologies for my excitement in sprite making

Edit: Sorry for not making a post yet, irl things are still going on and I’m just writing some ideas down for now instead of spriting


If you want, someone can just move this post into WIP.


Nah, this set itself is finished (no more content edits!), but the dungeon I’m making will be the WIP

Oh wait you mean the reply I made? I think it’s fine here for now, I’ll be making a real thread kind of soon