Getting To Know Stuff


Okay, so I’m still new to this forum (kinda). I need to get to know some peps. Most of the time I don’t know what’s going on and start walking in circles like someone who has aspergers (I swear to god if someone gets offended). I just need to know your gender and preferred gender, a little about yourself, how people think you are, and something you would like me to know about you. This way we can all get to know each other better for both new people and some older members, prevent stepping on some “I’m offended” trap (like @Kirkoma), and help stay away from toxic people (like @DreadDrake and @Zlushy). I really think this can help the realmeye forum as a community.

I am a male. I sexually prefer to be identified as a male.

I am cool, chill, and I don’t get too serious. Most things that seem retarded from my posts are either sarcastic or I’m really tired.

People think I’m okay (hopefully) and lucky.


We have an introduction thread I thinks. Why don’t you stalk people there?


ill go check.


idk why but im a guy (stapler)

idk [quote=“XDRDogex, post:1, topic:7037”]
a little about yourself,

um im a guy and i like staplers
i do swimteam outside of school
im shit at math

i occasionaly make the good meme


Triggered i have autism

I am a male. I sexually prefer to be identified as a male

I am (#) years old. I sexually prefer to be identified as 42 years old.

I am pretty chill. I sexually prefer to be identified as super fkin lit m8.

People think im alright. I sexually prefer that people think im dank af fam.

My posts are normally retarded if im tired. I sexually prefer to be be identified as a tired retarded kid.

I could go on.
I sexualy prefer to be identified as ever-lasting


I sexually preffer to be computer


I identify as an attack helicopter, and I believe that there is a gender for every nostril I have.


How on earth knowing each other’s gender can help the forum as a community?


So we can be social justice warriors with our flamethrowers of compassion when they do not identify as 1 of the 1,846,380,493,764 genders!



Im not ofended but frustraded
Why do you even care what gender am i
Maybe im transsexual 20 year old cowboy from anime
so what


Indeed we do. Please continue this conversation over there.