Getting White Star (again)


I know. Unfortunately, I plan to suicide my assassin with the etherite. I have zero uses for it.

The Death Thread

It’s good for feeding, though. I don’t much care for it either, outside of the OG ST set.


900 feed is pretty ehhh


6/8 def


I mean, I won’t try to convince you, but once I became slightly less picky about my minimum FP requirements, I made much farther progress on my pet. 900 used to be my minimum, but I’ve gradually lowered it to 750, which is the farthest I’ll ever go.

This being said, I don’t know if you’re strictly F2P with your pet or not, and if you have better ways of feeding it, but the amount of items that drop with over 900+ FP aren’t exactly plentiful, let alone regularly obtainable.


I’m F2P… entirely.

The only reason why I’m so much of a fucking miser is because I don’t die that often, so I don’t have fame to spend.


I’m in the same boat, both ways. It’s part of why I had a high game requirement initially as well. But with the fame rework, I’m no longer as concerned. Feeding my pet is one of the few uses I have for fame anyway.


I will have to up my retirement at some point… For a few months I died quite a lot and had a huge excess of fame. I have been feeding exclusively 500 fp items to my legendary pet for the last 8 levels. But now my fame is running dry so my progress might run into a halt. I want to save those higher fp items for when I have a divine though, since that future is not terribly far away!



Been a week and tbh, PPe’ing is boring. I just want to get this over with, and I’ve sort of went off track with exalting my trickster (lmfao).

I will no longer PPE the rest of the classes, I will just grind them out to 15k base and post it.

new chad assassin set to grind fame


how many hourrs does it take you to 8/8 a ppe


Depends on how lucky I get. If I meet raid reqs quickly, I can 8/8 in a day.




Oh my god what am i doing


wait how? Lost halls arent the best for pots unless you get to pot rooms n stuff.


unless you do some epic dungeon raid


I farm fast and I can rush.


Wow. Just moments after getting 15K. Glad you didn’t pop one run earlier!


Yeah i was gonna do another LH just to try for a white but i guess I’ll just hold W into a cru


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