Give thanks post


Hey guys, as you may have recognized me, I tried to be a somewhat frequent post on the forum.

You guys gave me fun, a slight boost to my ego, and a lovely way to waste time.

It all started with my first and only bulwark, and it ended with my going away essay giveaway(contest).

I don’t know what to say except for thank you. This will likely be my last major post and the forum and I just want to say thanks.

Here all the people I want to say thanks to for just being awesome.

Everybody, please, have a good time without me(I mean its ALWAYS a better time without me).

Take care


@JimdaFish Thank you for everything
@DANMONEY Thank you for everything
@Shatter Thank you for everything
@EpicNecros I’m not sure if you were the one I had a conversation with but still, thank you.


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