Giveaway of some type [Closed]


My name is Marvin. I’ve been playing this game since around 2012. My account recently turned 7 years old, but I have not been playing the game recently, and I don’t have any plans of returning. I’ve decided rather than having my items rot in mules forever, it would be a better idea to give it back to the community. I have around ~50 spare DECA and assorted ST’s that have not been promised to other people, so I will be giving them away here instead.

  1. Be dark blue star or above
  2. Have logged in within the past 2 weeks at the time of me picking winners
  3. Comment your favorite part of the game, or least favorite.

That’s it.
I will draw winners on the 26th of April so 9 days from now.
(If you know me, pm me. I may be able to hook you up outside of this giveaway).
Thanks to you players for making this community so awesome. I really enjoyed my time playing this game.


My favorite part of the game is the loot and getting white bags n stuff. My least favorite part of the game is maxing a character because it takes way too long. (also btw u said “26th of may, so 9 days from now”. Uhhhm i think theres somethin wrong with that)


This is some light blue star discrimination!

[Could use your main - Shatter]


Ah, I meant April. Fixed




Why, the forums, of course. :slight_smile:


I love the way Realm is so community and teamwork based, it really makes you feel important, I also love Urgles, their so cuddly, why does everyone give them a so much hate?

I hate how Deca doesn’t improve/add more anti lag options, this is should be “playable” for everyone that has “decent” specs, I’m on a new Macbook Pro and I still get DC’d seven out of ten MBC’s (always on last phase of course) and Voids.


My favorite part of the game would be getting whites and sts. Doing hard dungeons in small groups is cool too.

The thing i hate the most are random DCs


My least favorite part is that Deca does continuous chest or mark events.

My favorite is that Deca has been doing reworks for Shaitan and Lod(The leecher’s dungeon, it needs it)


Least favorite part is probably the value of everything nowadays due to the influx of events. Favorite part is how much the community has grown through discord servers since lh came out.


My least favorite part of the game is re-potting up my character(s) after death. It takes so long to convert my stored life pots into defense so that I can grind up on others.


I think my favorite part of this game is the ability to switch from group dynamics and solo play. It’s fun surmounting tasks with a group of friends, and equally rewarding when you finish a task alone.


I lost my 8/8 recently so i’m not playing so often anymore, but i’ll promise something : if i get something like 50 decas like you said, i’m going to give 30 decas in a giveaway !
20 decas is enough for me, i’m afraid of quitting the game like everybody did or will do at some point of their lifes.

But really, I love this game, i don’t want to quit it forever. Even if i get something small like 5 or 10 decas i’ll be happy because i will be able to rebuild my 8/8s and give away my leftovers lifes and items.

Anyway, my best part of the game is when i have a cool and effective 8/8. And also when i got a rare white or st (i gave up searching for that st poison i really need)

And my least favorite part is when i get lag-killed.


My favorite part of the game is all the loot. Its so thrilling and exiting to see a white bag get dropped. then finding out what great loot you got inside of it, I just love that.


My favorite part is the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally get to 8/8, and then the worst dying with that character :frowning:


My favorite part of the game is the satisfaction of maxing your character
My least favorite would be the lag…


My favorite part is beating my own personal records and achieving mini goals I set for myself.
My least favorite part is spam bots, they really are the worst.


Favorite part is learning how to complete the new dungeons that come out
Least favorite part is Duping/Hacking.


My favorite part of this game is the feeling of progression. The constant risk of losing everything amplifies the good feeling from small wins and makes this game worth playing.


My favorite part of the game is running clean tombs.
My least favorite part of the game is running dirty tombs.