Giveaway of some type [Closed]


Hi, mi favorite part of the game is grinding weekend chest events because who doesn’t like sitting on a perma stunned boss?!!! :smiley:


My least favorite part of the game is seeing super old players leave. :frowning: It is like seeing a part of the game itself go away. Thanks for giving back to the community, and I hope you made some good memories. :slight_smile: :wink:


Also, instead of making a star requirement, I would consider adding a requirement that doesn’t allow people who had just made their account to get into the giveaway


Hey marvin,
my favorite part of this game is the feeling i get when i see that white bag.
my least favorite part is lagging and death at the same time :frowning:


Thats me.

Ye thats also me

My favorite part of the game is how some endgame dungeons make it especially hard to complete it without teamwork and effort, as a positive point i gotta say that that people actually feel satisfied and fulfilled by completing one of those dungeons and getting that Sweet Sweet Loot.


My favorite part of the game is people calling me a noob etc. and then flexing my account age. Sure it’s both immature of me and my account isn’t truly that old, but I get some sort of sick pleasure from it. Especially since they usually have a younger account and can’t hang with my BDE.


PS. If I get something like 50 DECA’s I will suicide them all because I don’t think they should be in the game. Don’t at me.


My Favorite part of the game……. It has to be the grind. I like grinding for the rare UT’s, ST’s, and sometimes even a t5 poison (which I still have never gotten :confused: ).


I like the feeling when you get a white bag and then you look in the white bag and get to see that it’s a bracer and then you crash and throw your chair at the wall making a huge hole and then out of the hole a ton of rats start chasing you down and then they catch you and lick you instead of biting you and then you marry them all and forget about the bracer.


I like sneaking para hp rings into pink bags that drop in the lowlands. You get some funny reactions.


My least favorite thing in realm is the lag, I lose almost every character I make to it.


My favorite part is getting whites lol


Favorite thing is probably getting nice sets for my characters.


My favorite is getting an omni which is never ever happened jk. My real favorite is when I acquired all my favorite set such as UT Ice King Set (T12 reskin winter, reskin prot, reskin gsorc winter, reskin crown), ST Necromancer Set, etc.


my favorite part of rotmg is when my friends are on and I can casually run dungeons.


The feeling when you have a dope rare set is the pump


Favorite Part: Getting a rare or unexpected drop

Least Favorite: Harsh stereotyping of stars and players


Least favorite part is leveling up when I don’t have anymore max level potions.


Hey, I’d like to join!

Favorite part definitely has to be messing around with irl friends in dungeons or guildies.


It’s me!!! My current least favorite part of the game is the weekend events. It makes me feel dissapointed and left out when I have to do my hw which I mainly do over the weekends

  1. yes

  2. yes

  3. Least favorite part is the toxic playerbase.

Favorite part is interacting with my guildmates.