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My favorite part of the game is having fun with guildmates. I remember starting the game, when I had no one to help me, and it was very confusing. With guildmates, they can help you learn the game, get better, and help when u die. I remember in a cland I got 2 pixies and no one else got anything good, and everyone was really salty.


Favourite part of the game is doing dungeons solo/in a small group. It’s slow but fun


Favorite part of the game huh. I guess it’s amazing when you find a great guild that you can relax and be in a vc with. Running dungeons with them is amazing. Another part where I’m sure everyone can relate to is when you first start the game and progress through it. Sadly though, once you reach a certain point, everything is a grind. Even if you decide to restart your account to reach the glory and fun you had before you were rich etc, you never quite reach that feeling ever again.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Favorite Part: MBC/Void Whites
    Least Favorite Part: Void Silence+Shotguns


Least favorite part of the game…

Trying to teleport to a rogue on map or in bottom right who is cloaked.


I just love it when your asking for something and some random blue star trades you for the thing your not asking.

  • Be dark blue star or above
  • Have logged in within the past 2 weeks at the time of me picking winners
  • Comment your favorite part of the game, or least favorite.
    I dislike the fact that people play this game more to ‘flex’ than to have fun (things like alive fame or just being a cunt in general)


Yes I’m above blue star. Yes I’ve logged in. Sooooo…

My favorite part of the game is how if you die you can have a maxed character back in one to two days. This makes the game actually fun for me because I can take risks I never would if I were to have to spend say a week just maxing a character.


My favorite part of the game is the community. While most of the time toxic, every now and then you will find some awesome person or group of people that make your experience worthwhile.


Be dark blue or above- ofc

logged in within 2 weeks- ez

Favorite part: white bags

Least favorite: people who screw around and call troom when they’re leeching


red star

Been playing the game each day.

my favorite thing is the different dungeon you can do and get better at.
my least favorite has to be lecher , people activating boss , bots.


Hmm Idk

I wish I could go that long

Favorite: Fourms, the best part of realm is a sub website apart of rotmg.
If strict rotmg based then I guess my guild.

Least Favorite: Bots, scammers, bot scammers.


Least favourite part honestly is the grind of leveling a character up to 20 even though it’s an easy thing to do.


I like soloing hard dungeons and helping other people level and max.

I don’t like beggars or hackers.


I like spamming the chat -b(UwU)-b

I hate the laggy servers and mystery box shop for the most part


My favorite part of the game is definitely getting white bags, idk what is it about the look of a whitebag but I legit sit there for a minute just looking at the bag cause its so smexy :wink: XD

Least favorite part is probably the value of everything nowadays due to the influx of events


best part of the game is the secret sheep level hands down

thanks for the giveaway bb


My favorite part of the game is having fun with the community and getting whitebags x))

My least favorite is the lag death :((


I am red star now i don’t know why i am still light blue star in forum x))


Have to say my favorite part of the game is getting a really good character that you are happy and satisfied with. And then it dies due to lag <3