Giveaway of some type [Closed]


log out and back in

  1. 74 stars as for now

  2. I’m playing almost everyday

  3. My favorite part of the game is playing with my friends. This could be just playing together or doing some more challenging stuff, like trio mbc etc.

    My least favorite are probably crashers and hackers, because they are ruining this game.


My favorite part of the game is probably getting white bags.


My favorite part of the game is when you find someone you can chat and play together with. You’re running in the same realm, end up in the same dungeon and when someone does something stupid or makes a mistake the conversation starts, which ends up in playing together for a while sometimes…

The worst part is when they stop coming online :confused:


Least favourite part is the lag the Urgle balls give me; my favourite part is finally maxing defense on a knight :> Good luck all


My least Favorite part of the game is when I’m going in a snake pit and someone calls alot of people

Favorite part is getting a white from a hard dungeon


My least favorite part is honestly, the fact that I am actually not very good at the game, so I frequently die and I don’t like the rebuilding process.


My favourite part is clearing dungeons with a couple fellas. Is quite neat when instead of rushing/leeching a small group blasts the dungeon to the end. Makes the game feel less grindy and fun.

As for what I dislike the most:

-Every time: LAG blooddddy laggg


PD: The samurai is my new fav class


My favorite part of the game is dying.


Jax (obv) and my fave part of the game is craig


Fav: Dying unexpectedly, kind of feels good knowing that you can start over with a fresh character.
Least Fav: Losing the jugg that was on the warrior ;-;


What i like about RotMG is simply the game principly of farming the strongest and fanciest character imaginable under the consistent pressure of permadeath. The adrenaline rush is just amazing.


Most fav part? Doing solo shatters/killing urgle’s/dropping crown. Least fav? farming halls.
Even less? Deca Games.


I’m surprised there’s like 10 accounts made after the first post and made only for that giveaway. Like, that’s unfair, and you will get nothing because the donator is not that dumb. Beware of every gray names ! @Marvin be careful

Edit : As of now i counted 19 gray names out of 91 which is approximately 21%, that’s HUGE ! Now i can see how many greedy the people here can be if there’s a prize of 50 decas. I protest !


Yeah that’s what i said


Honestly, I hate how the game is becoming more of a cash grab


favorite thing dungeon updates it gives some new content and kill of a bunch of ballsy 8/8s

least favorite? the la a aagg


My favorite part of the game is the sheer amount of things to do in this game. Like, the game can keep someone interested for many years due to the sheer amount of information in this game.


My least favorite thing is hackers flaunting their “skill”.

  1. I’m orange
  2. I rejoined 4 weeks ago, and have been playing way to much since
  3. My favorite part of the game is running around PMing players, my least favorite part is not getting QoT after doing a disgusting amount of ents.