Giveaway of some type [Closed]


My favorite part about this game is probably the excitement before killing a boss of what loot you get, you don’t get these kinds of thrills very often.


I love the feeling of doing things alone on unmaxed characters; dodging, planning, and risk are infinitely more fun than current state of the game. I really miss the old days. My least favourite part is DECA just making the game easier and easier and the obvious problems of their constant “events” and that shit as well as rwters/bots/dupers and the like.


my favorite part of this game is that it keeps me coming back. ive gotten tired of this game for the longest but then all of a sudden i just want to play again


My favorite part of the game is starting a new character. Feels so fresh. Anyways thanks for doing the giveaway hope I win!


My favorite but least favorite part is how the community interacts with each other and the mindset of spending money and popping keys for random people.


My least favorite part is the fact that I’m so bad at the game lmao I’ve gotten 1 8/8 before


my favorite part of the game is about how you are still triggered about not getting omni:D.
Seriously tho, glad to see you move on in life. I wanna be like you and carry 8 void quivers around for meme.


ok i’ll try once more thank you very much :smiley:


probably my favorite part is the community and how the game is kind of dead it still thrives to be the best it can


One of my favorite things about this game include the split-second reaction speed and the blade-tip accuracy required for some events and dungeons. It’s challenging, but couple that with the thrill (or lack thereof) of seeing that bag of loot drop at the end of an arduous fight? What a sensation.

I have no doubts that many would have chosen to hold onto their wealth. Thank you for your generosity!


Hmm, my favorite part is that I had the opportunity to interact with people that I can now call friends because of this game ^^


Favorite part is definitely all of the new high level content. I recently came back from a long hiatus and all of the new events, white bags, and dungeons have reinvigorated my passion for the game. It’s been nice to see how many people are bonding over the high level content too. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many tightly knit guilds.


My favorite part of the game is getting whites


My favourite part of this game is the freedom. You’re not limited to doing anything specific, you’re free to go. I love roaming around the realm with a rogue and killing monsters, picking up loot and advancing as much as I can in the game.


My favorite part of the game is how easy it is to return to the game, I was gone for almost two years and just recently picked the game up again. I was really surprised on how easy it was to get engulfed in realm again.
My least favorite part of the game is the random DC’s and the constant influx of the economy.


Honestly, couldn’t find a Bullet-Hell-Permadeath-Grind-MMORPG game like RotMG. Just came from other games back to play this game again.
So the favourite part, is the game itself.


Favorite part of this game is definitely getting that last pot needed to max a character


I just hate disconnecting randomly and scammers
My favourite is just getting whites i guess


my favorite part is getting white bags and maxing characters


Im above dark blue, im logging in
My favourite part: rotmg discord, soloing dungeons and realms
Least favourite part: bots spamming on /tell, people trying to scam