Giveaway of some type [Closed]


Hey Red Star here who has been playing ROTMG on and off for a couple of years now.

My favorite part of the game is the euphoria of getting a white bag and the satisfaction of the grinding when you see your character become 8/8

As for least favorite I would have to say the depression from losing a stacked character and the grind to get back the UT’s

Sad to see you go though…


Fav part of realm is that sweet rng, could have two whites within 5 minutes or none for a week.

Least fav part of realm would be the deaths due to lag spikes ;(


Absolute best part of game? I dunno. I’d have to say doing dungeons. It’s a constant thread of excitement of “will I get a white bag?”


My favorite part of the game is doing dungeons and farming items that i want.
Least favorite part is never getting the items that i want, Lmao.


favorite part= getting event white
least favorite= actually getting the event white


Favorite part of the game would be the time I’ve enjoyed it with my friends.
Least Favorite would be trying to log into realm eye XD


If I’m being honest, that’s probably both my favorite and my least favorite part of the game. Rng is part of what makes rotmg fun, and without it, it would be a very different game. RNG has also fucked me over. The game gets downright depressing after farming for an item for over 500 hours and not getting it.


Yeah for sure! Without RNG I’m not sure what realm would be… probably Minecraft?

On that note of 500 hours and not getting it I just last week got my first dbow. After 5 years on and off this game I have to say RNG is both a blessing and a curse.


my most favorite part was doing the cursed library on the test server

my least favorite is the fact that special event quests take so long to complete


Well, that’s why it’s special


My favorite part of the game is how sometimes people give you stuff for free whenever you start out new. They don’t expect anything out of you and that’s just really nice to know that there are people out there that enjoy a game not by just playing but by playing and interacting with people around them.


I will most likely have to delay this giveaway for around a week, so the new draw time will be May 3rd. Sorry for the delay!




Sh… don’t bump


My favorite part is probably dropping a fake white on a grand Sphinx at the perfect time which led to so much hate on me lol troll Xd


My favourite thing is getting whites from lost halls because you could get something pretty good or u could get a potato




Thanks for doing this!
I’ve actually also been playing this game since 2011-2012 (I think my account is 7 years 200 days old by now?) Sad to see you go. I recently got back into the game and have found that private dungeon raids (pub shatts in particular) have been super fun to run. I also made a chill fun guild a week ago and it’s been thriving ever since. Super fun to see everyone (most of the time) cooperate in a VC with one RL speaking, as well as hosting dungeons and realming with friends. I hope I see you in game before you leave to thank you :slight_smile: Good luck IRL!


My favorite part about RotMG would have to be the amazing memories I have of me and my closest friends playing this game throughout the years.


Favorite part - Picking up rare whites
Least fav part - Dying from lag