Giveaway of some type [Closed]


oo where to meet you?


I will be on tomorrow at 7 mountain time at uswest2


Judging by the time you were on today, I might not be able to claim it tomorrow


Sadly 6-10pm is middle of the night for me, if you happen to be online @ me, I’ll should be online for 10h.


Yeah, preferably the following week for me too. I’m going to have issues with getting on at that time this week most likely. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway


ye fam

ye fam

That feeling, oh that feeling when you see that small white shit bag. these small pixels that used to make your day. I quitted for a long time too, but I am back and I am grinding. Winning a small portion of the prize would help me out a lot. GOOD luck everyone!


I’m going to add [closed] to the title, just in case.


Beat you to it.


Nvm, u too fast


@moderators close


I’m not going to close this yet, as the OP has a couple dozen prizes to give out and this might be a good place to coordinate that.


I thought only the OP was supposed to request closing a topic.


Oh, I won? Thanks! See ya in a few hours


@marvin I can meet you at uswest keys in an hour right?


Im at the keys but noones here lol


Currently online at USW keys, I will be on for an hour, come claim your prizes!


I think I just missed you.


It’s 5/5 at 9 PST I’m at USWest Keys!

I’m sorry I thought it was a good time to pick it up ;(


Hi, I’m in USW (5/5, 9PM PST). Are you available?


Do you have a discord I can contact you on?