Giveaway of some type [Closed]


I couldn’t claim then because of school


Do you have discord so i can contact you?


yeah, I got this after you got off and even then that’s like twelve at night for me. I can be on most of the day, is there any other time you could hand mine out that would be great, either way, thanks for the giveaway.


@marvin I’ll PM you on discord when I’m on and can claim my prize.


@marvin can u pm me on discord. My disc is garywang#2595


I will be on this Wednesday at 6 PM PST for around an hour for those of you who missed it.


Uh oh it’s in the middle of the night for meh !


@Marvin which server tho


Oh so 7:00 pm mountain time that’s perfect


Can you do 8PM PST tomorrow (wednesday?)


I will try


What server though


us west i think


I’m on now at US West.


im in usw @Wink


Hey you still on fam? ;-; @Marvin


Oh no, just missed it! I’ll be there next time.


I won’t be able to claim anything till the weekend due to time zone differences


I’ll try to be online today, timezone kinda sucks for me, it’s like 7 in the morning but will try, thanks for the giveaway anyway


can if some ppl dont collect within a month can u do another random sample of the ppl who didnt get prizes (me)