Giving out a total of 8 decas


PM me a random number (1-1000) in game when I am online, I will have ONE number in mind everyday to the end of my life, or until i gave out 8 decas, but whoever guessed first each day goes to usw and claims ones prize


Edit: not entering so if I get right pick random person


IN GAME… not here


You sure you will have a DIFFERENT number everyday? That would be over 3 years of numbers…


Quik maffs.


why does this worry me?


I get it now.


Congrats to “Insert name here that i forgot”, won a deca today, 7 more to go, :wink:


Will you be on in 4.5 hours?


i dont play while sleeping mate, probably opposite time zones


try playing at midnight


i play from 3-5pm, california, USA, convert urself






Lol I love how all these people are signing up just to get loot. Smh they can’t even read the part where it says to pm them in game.



if you are confused.

smmhh my head


shoot wait was the number not in range or something



no I was about to guess that number and you stole it