Giving some tops for viewwssss (GIVEAWAY)


ok, so competitive, and newish game…
Smash ultimate
Sonic Mania
is it an online game or no?


Its partially online ur getting warmer


oh shit, just noticed that it was different.

wow shoudlve seen that. oh well


For honor
Rocket league
I dunno what you kids are up to these days…


ok, so is it a platformer?
if so then my guess is Schacht


star wars empire at war: forces of corruption


super smash bros brawl


yeah, thats defiantly newish, and online
tho I am gonna say Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS


Tony Hawk pro skater


You have won!! Plz tell me when you are available


Mario Party 8


bruh it was either that or brawl lol. my friend has brawl


hey, first time ive won something.
nice also cuz my knight just died so i have a new char slot to fill.
ok, tomorrow at 4:30-5:00 PST should be fine
do you have a discord I could ping when im ready?


Yeah my discord is owendabest #1092
I can be on any day after today though I have irl
Same time frame


i can get on rn tho, does that work?


Srry I’m on my phone I’m away from my house rn


its fine.


Anki Overdrive?


Realm of the Mad God


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