Glands Farming Server


I don’t know if this should go in ideas or not but here goes it.
There should be a glands farming server (not a fame train) where everyone is in glands and is calling out every dungeon that drops. (sort of like usw3 trading a dedicated server) and it would allow people to max more efficiently. (If there is something already like this I am sorry)


Don’t think you would need a discord for that


I kind of like the system how it is for the time being. You could always make a guild dedicated to calling it glands dungeons to each other! Just a suggestion.


This is legit just a popular realm lol. If there’s people in a realm then there will be dungeons called and people in glands


My GLand farming server is USE4 (well not for their dungeon but gods themselves), well because it’s a ghost-town server. But when I farm, I do not want anyone come and crash my farming.

If someone does come, I go toxic and will say:


“Dude… plz leave?”


not a discord server that’s not what I mean but like how EUN2 used to be the fame train server. Popular realms people don’t call snakes or sprites.


Usually, asking for people to call specific dungeons tends to attract the attention of at least a few courteous enough to do so.
Just beeware of any funny fellas who think the height of comedy is taking a “call (dungeon)” message and adding as many dungeons or ridiculous terms to it as possible.


Please don’t be toxic to random people! We have enough people like that in the community, you don’t have to add to it. I am sure asking nicely would have the same or better effect.


Then what should I say exactly…


“Hey, could you please leave? I don’t mean to be rude but I was solo farming god lands and prefer to do it that way. Thanks in advance!”


Oh. Might as well go give that a shot…


I remember fame trains used to leave behind tons of dungeons. I believe the dungeon drop rate depends on the number of players nearby/getting sb, but it could also have been due to the sheer number of gods dying.

Either way, I think the concept of a train is a very fun part of the game. It brought me a lot of enjoyment as a light blue star and I wish to experience another one.


Like that pfp