Gm Applications


Ive noticed after some research there is only a handful of active gm’s that are still active, I was wondering if there was any application or process to apply to dedicate some free time to testing moderating etc in the game


it’s not that they’re low in supply, it’s that deca doesn’t care and never has. there are no moderators in-game.

as for testing, my understanding is they’re doing okay on that front already (well as “okay” as you can get with their standards). there is also no application process for that either, you get picked out either by deca or by existing testers for being experienced enough to be useful and a decent enough person to get along with the group.


I seem to recall them putting a call out for dedicated testers in the past. Long enough ago though that I’m not sure and as @Xaklor wrote they now either have enough or recruit them quietly.

You can take part in testing via one the many public sessions on the test server, reporting what you think of the content being tested in one of the threads here or on Reddit. If they are looking for new dedicated testers this is probably one place they’ll look for them, among active public testers.


There is, actually!
On the site, there should be a link to submit an application. You answer a bunch of questions to show off how you’d be a good fit, send it in, and wait.

Really, though, it’s kind of like a revolving door more than anything. “If the current people are inactive, just bring in new people”, seems to be the current mindset. Make of that what you will.