God mode hackers seen!


Except, they can actually keep an account. having a life doesnt matter, its a game. They just told you that there will always be hackers, you dont have to insult them


Seeing as you have a trust level of basic user, I won’t move this to #whine-cellar.

Why would this post qualify for whine cellar?

Learn some common decency and courtesy, and most importantly, don’t be an ass.

Also if you want to discuss a bug, maybe have some sort of credible proof?


Also if you want fairness, feel free to use or be a hacker yourself.


Wow so are you admitting your a hacker or so, cause it sounds like it. But seriously though hacking is what i hate, seeing that i am spending my only free time to play realm legittly without hacks and feeling everything i had to work for was worth it while hackers are like hey look a im just gonna stand on avater and use this ep i have ok. So hacking is just wrong in my opinion it takes away from the point of the game.


It’s usually lag. I was on discord with my guild in a tomb and apparently I lt looked like I had sat on but rage and taken no damage, because I was a few second behind on their screen.


“Legittly” oh my


Unfair? Yes. But you DO realize how tremendously hard it would be to have God Mode since that is a server-side function? I for one think it is impossible, but that does not mean it cannot be done. Because all things CAN be possible on this ball of mud and rock we call Earth.


How did I admit it?


yet u made a thread about how hackers are still around? and i dont have a job cuz im 15


lol i fuqed that up. (don’t know if cussing is bad for most of the forums sooo):rofl:


Yes, hacking is wrong. But there’s no reason to get so upset about it, it’s a problem that will be dealt with in time. You should keep in mind the vast majority of realm players don’t hack too, so don’t go throwing around accusations without evidence.


For the love of… ugh

Yes hackers are around, no there is no God mode. Now drop being a dick to people over what you’re wrong about.


You obviously dont know anything about hacks, here I’ll explain (dont do it kiddos).

Hacked clients have many types of hacks, such as shooting through walls or not taking status effects. Most of the big hacks, like no status effects, will disconnect you 99% of the time. Huge thing to note: god mode doesn’t exist. Yes, there are many ways to achieve an almost god mod like state, but hacked clients dont provide that most of the time. god mode is nearly achieved when you set your game to 0 fps, due to the fact that shots are client sided, you can be invincible while at 0 fps, because you wont load the shots. there are many problems with this ‘god mode’ the main one being the inability to see anything, you will remain looking at the original position for the entire time.


Maybe the huntress is lagging i saw one of these alot


The hacker who supposedly hacked your RotMG account also got to your Discord?

Bar looks too thin to me


i wonder why u answered entire thrread in 2nd comment and yet theres tens more… hmmm


that’s not hacks, that’s lag you stupid idiot

Stupidity these days…


I honestly can’t believe someone that has played almost a year more than me can be this ignorant and stupid