GodsHouse [EUW2] [New guild, Recruiting. Fun people. Key hosting. Non-strict.]


Gods House is an EUWest2 Guild aimed at offering a safe space for those to run wild and free. We do have requirements but are lenient with them, we host keys and have a good laugh. Looking for active players to join as we are a relatively new guild.


  • English preferred.
  • A couple of maxed chars 4/8 (ish). Active.
  • Can run Tombs & Shatters, etc.
  • Eu based guild. But we don’t discriminate.

You can apply on our discord at: https://discord.gg/dABJ9UP
Applications will be checked frequently.


Added main server to the title
Good luck on the guild!
Have a picture of one of my cats as encouragement


I like the picture of your cat


Bumpy Boi


Another Bumpy Boi


Another Bumpy Boi


why didn’t I get a picture of a cat?


Bumpy Boi






Another Bump








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