Gotgot's rage quit thread (PPE)


So, this all happened within the 30 minutes I switched back to the mystic.


Wowch! That looked like a quick run.


Yeah. I’m not so disappointed by the character loss, as by the loss of the 507 fame. Though that was a lot of loot in a short amount of time, I literally went into the realm, someone called a chain and I did a tomb, got st, an ot, got white, had to nexus, then got st a second later at Oryx followed my death.

On another note; I know I just reintroduced this thread, but my trickster is currently at 764 fame, and my wizard at 660 fame, so I am going to go grind to white star. Instead of making a PPE mystic, I’m just going to slap on my highest xp bonus gear and go run some of the event. And maybe when I kill that ill make another PPE, no promises.


so. That happened.


I got a bunch of goodie bags.

Alright, its been a long week or two, with way too many deaths, and I’m just a bit fed up with the game right now. I’m going to take a brake for a week, might get on a bit on some other characters, but no new PPE’s. Ill make another attempt to white star later. I just realized that these last few sentences made my thread finally live up to its name.


Next attempt time!

This is my second non reskin, so I cant complain.

I mean, its more exiting than bulwark, but it just is somewhat lackluster when you see it drop.


… I spent like three days trying to equip this to my pally. I finally realized while playing the test server that this is the light armor. I’m smart.

As with past ppe’s, I got the marks on it so I get the items. I’m pretty sure that’s like the third (including the recent reskin) of these that I’ve ever had.

I. Hate. Confuse.
It was worse, as I had in backpack, 7 of the 8 marks needed for the final oryx set quest. At least I’m a 79 star now. Unfortunately, that means that currently it is time to let this thread die again. Maybe ill unbury it before too long.


quick tip to log out and log back into forums if u wanna be yellow instead of orange


I know, but by the time I cared enough to do it, I just figured I would wait for white star.




Thank you, I did need to repost here.

I swear, for every other white or st I get, I get one of these as well. All I want is a wand of the fallen!

Lvl. 20!

This is nice.

I do feel like I am doing something horrendously wrong here- 100 cube kills?

Meh. At least it looks nicer than the original.

Why exactly does this give less def than the t10 now? Why is that a good Idea? Its one more dex and a proc that isn’t really worth it. Still using it over non-sb tops though.


It’s because of the Proc, still worse than tenne thougj even with the proc


I mean, it’s meant to be worn with the full set, which yields some pretty powerful bonuses.


First time having this happen…

I figured, Id get the blue box as I don’t think I’m completing the event. The katana is in there, but my ppe could use the dagger and I really want a wand of the fallen. But no, I get the one in third chance to get a FREAKING SEVENTH CURRENT KATANA!

I suppose this will be nice, especially sense the dungeon is being reworked soon.

Lagged. Got me to white star though! (I got a lot more fame, around 8k, It just showed my base for some reason)


Update: Gotgot’s “I died on my favorite characters and now hate this game” thread.

So… yeah. I was somewhat okay with the loss of my wizard, but I was tired, playing at eleven at night, and lost my sorc to a shotgun in lib. So new rules! This character slot is going to be a ppe forever now. FOVEVER! Okay, maybe not forever, but close enough. I am not alowed to make a normal character in that slot until I get enough pots to max a new sorc, (or close enough) and I get back all of the loot my sorc has. Most likely not using item forge and if so, only with loot I have gotten on the current ppe. That sorc loot includes: The uh… tomb ring? I don’t really remember which (not nile) and realmeye has no record of my character. There was t5 scepter, scepter of devastation, starmother, wand of the fallen, and alien cwand. Now I will accept higher tiered items of just straight upgrades as a replacement. I will show Ut’s or other things in general.

Sooo, that was short lived. Time for another!


The thread almost closed. Nice save. :relieved:




Dang that sucks getting amulet from st chest


Herm kill.

Lvl 20

Skull shrine kill

This was a good turn of events-

-this, not so much.

Spent like 5 minutes wondering how the crap my unleveled trix ended up with 1,350 hp.

I would be happy, but literally any other drop besides the quiver would have fit on my trix.

Lvl 20

I can now summon Toastrz ! (not sure if I should do the actual @.) Fun fact, I have never actually gotten either of the honey scepters.

AND, I’m done with realm for today.


What was death fame on trix?


Oh, uh 2?53. 4 or less for the ?