Gotgot's rage quit thread (PPE)


I’ve had both honey scepters, but the weaker one(s) all had to be dropped in favor of far superior gear before I could actually use them.
As for the Honey Scepter Supreme, I’m waiting for another character slot to try it out. (:
It won’t actually see much combat unless I get another one, but it seems cool.

What’s your next character plan, on a different note?


UH, yes? No- so in all seriousness, I’m either going to make a wizard or a trickster. I currently don’t want repeating classes, and sorcerer, I’m just not ready to make a new one yet. Ill probably make a wizzy. Might start that tomorrow, not really in the realm mood today.


10d later… I promise, I am doing the thread, I just got… distracted, lets call it that.

This has got to be the worst mana roll I have ever seen, and I’ve already drank around 6 pots.

So, not too many screenshots, but I’ll mention stats.
To max:
Hp: 22
Mp: 24
Att: 24
Def: 21
Spd: 9
Dex: 18
Vit: 9
Wis: 19


10 days? That’s nothing.


Spd maxed.

Killing blow.

Vit maxed.

Dex maxed.

Second full set complete.

Att maxed.

Wis maxed.

And an UbHp to end todays post.


Def Maxed…


…and death.


Lvl 20

…and death again.

Lvl 20