Gotgot's rage quit thread (PPE)


I’ve had both honey scepters, but the weaker one(s) all had to be dropped in favor of far superior gear before I could actually use them.
As for the Honey Scepter Supreme, I’m waiting for another character slot to try it out. (:
It won’t actually see much combat unless I get another one, but it seems cool.

What’s your next character plan, on a different note?


UH, yes? No- so in all seriousness, I’m either going to make a wizard or a trickster. I currently don’t want repeating classes, and sorcerer, I’m just not ready to make a new one yet. Ill probably make a wizzy. Might start that tomorrow, not really in the realm mood today.


10d later… I promise, I am doing the thread, I just got… distracted, lets call it that.

This has got to be the worst mana roll I have ever seen, and I’ve already drank around 6 pots.

So, not too many screenshots, but I’ll mention stats.
To max:
Hp: 22
Mp: 24
Att: 24
Def: 21
Spd: 9
Dex: 18
Vit: 9
Wis: 19


10 days? That’s nothing.


Spd maxed.

Killing blow.

Vit maxed.

Dex maxed.

Second full set complete.

Att maxed.

Wis maxed.

And an UbHp to end todays post.


Def Maxed…


…and death.


Lvl 20

…and death again.

Lvl 20


FINALY! I have searched for this for so long, I almost forged it instead.

…I lost the waki…
Here’s where I took a little bit of a break to try and up all my characters fame and max my trix. Ill be back with another sorc by the end of the week most likely.


This is actually my first ever honey scepter. Didn’t this used to be better?

Lvl. 20

Also maxed speed, I just forgot to screenshot.


inb4 gotgot dies to o2 again


I was going to wait a day or two to post, but to prove that this:

Didn’t happen, here is some proof of my character’s existence.

Maxed wis

And, forgetting to screenshot on the forged screen, I got this from the csword, and a bunch of cyans.


As mentioned previously, this is a chest I got on my sorc, my rogue is just my chest opening character.

So… I kind of wanted a summoner. Worry not though, this thread will maybe return when I get a character slot from either the campaign or the calendar, whichever happens first.


this summoner ppe died :frowning:




Lol, I didn’t check either

(It means we like watching your thread, Gotgot! :flushed:)


well tyty, but I accidentally posted in this thread rather than the white thread rip


Lol, I literally just got on realmeye and see, “8 new replies,” instantly thinking, crap, what did I do that people disagreed with.


Lol I thought this was the white bag thread, srry


So, my knight died…

You know, after this post I was going to delete all my screenshots as my half terabyte drive is full, but instead I think I’ll keep these, because my luck for them is too much… I officially hate this armor with a burning passion!

Max Dex.

Max Att.

This, goes to my Pally, as this completes the set:

Max Spd.
Also maxed wis, but I forgot to screenshot.
(for those wondering about the Acidic Armor, I have gotten 10, excluding St chests, quest chests, or me not wanting to screenshot.


Gimme trident…


Max att.

Missed the spd screenshot.

Max Dex.

I know you guys just love my upload consistency.