Gotgot's rage quit thread (PPE)


It’s probably no worse than mine


Wednesday Update
I will try and update this at least every Wednesday from now on.

Max wis.

Max vit.

@XBookwyrmX, I’m sorry but I think you just got trapped in my pet skin bin for like, eternity or something like that.


This was a bit of a surprise. I don’t think I’ve had one sense well before the rework.

… I’m to tired to understand what this is supposed to do, guess that’s another 5 minutes on the wiki.

And, after 2 and a bit days, 100 libs on my knight, enough wis and vit to max my next twelve characters, and the first two tomes complete, I think I’m going to barf if I ever go into a lib again.


That’s ok, @Trimaxgame showed me a clip of me getting fed to his pet OnO

This event is blasphemous. So many of my brothers and sisters have been slain in the name of the pursuit of knowledge… I hope a lot of you got your butts kicked. Perish, mortals!


I have been killed by one of your brethren, curses to you and your kin