GRAPHIC ARTIST GOTTEN: [7th Laboratory Dungeon Idea]


Dr Terrible was an enigma. Brilliant, and mad-maybe even too much. No one discusses what went down that very night, but all that is known is that in a freak accident, the Seventh Laboratory fell to the creatures within. And as desolate as it may seem to be, go underground if you dare, through this labyrinth and battle those that are Dr Terrible’s greatest-and worst, creations. Welcome, to the 7th Laboratory.

The 7th Laboratory is an Endgame Dungeon, somewhere between Nest and Lost Halls Level, which consists of 4 stages, similar to Mad God Mayhem: The Outskirts, Storage, First Floor, and Basement. Like MGM, each stage has a chance of spawning 1 of two bosses, with the final stage only spawning 1, for a total of 8 bosses[although you will only face 4 in one run].

Wait, Laki, the math doesn’t add up. How can there be 8 bosses when there is only a possibility of 7?

Good question! You will see :slight_smile:

So what is the dungeon like?

If you’ve ever been down and dirty with cults, the layout, dependent on boss, is similar; it’s a raid dungeon with a pretty easy path to the boss. Each “floor” is like a mini-raid, with a boss at the end, depending on which type of boss you end up with.

And it drops what???

This dungeon a source of tops from all bosses, including UB rings from Wrath, Envy, Pride, and ???, as well as Greater versions of every type of potion. Each boss can drop a maximum of three of each type, as most characters who would theoretically do this dungeon should be maxed. Guaranteed Greater Att will drop from Sloth, Greater Def from Greed. Guaranteed Greater Mana and a chance at Greater Life will drop from Gluttony and Lust. Greater Life is a guaranteed drop from Pride and ???.

But there are two unique reasons to do this dungeon:

This dungeon is a source of 3 UT sets: The Crusade Knight, The Elder Warlock[Sorc], and the Undead Mercenary[Assassin]. There is also an ST set for Archer, the Hubristic Tamer, that drops here.

This is also the only source of two types of tokens: The Loot Token, which will stack up to 5 for mini loot boosts, and Skin Tokens, which require 15 to stack, and will unlock a skin that you don’t already have from the dungeon(it’s a source of 7 skins). Otherwise, it’s a perfect 2500 FP.

And the bosses are?

Be it that I just recently finished FMAB, but I always thought that the 7 Deadly Sins were an interesting concept after reading Divine Comedy. That being said, every boss, with the exception of the 8th, is representative of the sins; Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Each “sin”'s abilities are based off of their respective characteristics. The 8th boss is soon to come(still have yet to work out the mechanics).

Avarice and Sloth protect The Outskirts. You have a chance of dealing with either of them on the first stage.

Gluttony and Lust protect the Attic. You have a chance of dealing with either of them on the second stage.

Wrath and Envy protect the First Floor. You have a chance of dealing with either of them on the third stage.

Pride protects the Basement. Nearly most of the time, Pride is who you will face last, as he is the deadliest sin.

Here is the difficulty of each boss relative to each other.

??? > Pride > Wrath > Gluttony > Lust > Envy > Avarice > Sloth

This dungeon isn’t like conventional dungeons, where you have to rush only to get to the boss. Each boss has its own unique path, and unique ways to kill the boss.

Sloth: This behemoth has heavy damaging attacks, and although he’s the laziest of the bunch, sometimes he’ll fall asleep-on top of you. There are various spikes around the room that, while damaging to players, will also damage Sloth, making him vulnerable until he manages to de-impale himself from the spike. Be careful though! When he comes back up, he’ll release an explosion around him, killing anyone standing on top of him. Put him to sleep, once and for all.

Avarice: This guy wants it all: money, women, alcohol, and za warudo. And he will stop at nothing to get it. His attacks won’t hurt initially, but for every 100 damage he deals successfully, his attacks deal 1 more damage, to a maximum of a whopping 200. He is vulnerable the whole time and has low defense but also happens to be the quickest of the Sins. He will try to steal the “treasures” in the room, but won’t do so if other players are nearby. Although him stealing the treasures gives a higher chance of dropping high tier gear/UTs, he becomes significantly stronger. There are 3 total treasures in the room. Show him that money can’t buy him everything.

Envy: All Envy wanted was to fit in, to have friends, and to have an amazing life. But he never did fit in with the other classes. Now he will do anything to break up the union he once desired. Rather than being a definite boss at the end of the raid, Envy appears in the form of multiple enemies. He will randomly possess a “big” enemy in the dungeon, so if you see an enemy with a purple glow, shoot it down so that Envy can run away and possess another one. Throughout the run, there will be multiple mechanisms to divide players, such as barriers to certain paths that will seal once a few players get across, leaving the group divided. Keep killing him to put him in his final form! Deca make the Beast Tamer Class, please and ty

Lust: Love hurts, and so do her arrows. This deadly vixen is always watching, and your weapons will not deal damage to her. The only way to kill her is by shooting the cannons in the boss room; they will fire a deadly 125 damage cannonball in the direction you fire, dealing armor piercing damage. The cannonballs themselves do not affect players. Her attacks mostly utilize status effects, the most dangerous attack being her armor piercing arrows, which cast Darkness and Silence upon the player. Be careful with this foxy lady, as your one night stand could be your last.

Gluttony: He doesn’t get fed often, so when he finally sees people come into his domain, he is more than happy to indulge in them. The dungeon is unique in the sense that you have 30 seconds to run away and hide from Gluttony, after which he will start running around the hallways of the dungeon trying to eat you. He fires a deadly shotgun; do not try to tank it, it confuses as well as casts unstable for a decent amount of time, and does high damage. There are various pink spots around the layout where Gluttony can’t attack you; it is the only place in any dungeon where you’re invincible. After 30 seconds, those same spots will flash before moving to a new location. Gluttony is vulnerable most of the time. Send him back with an empty stomach!

Wrath: Nothing but uncontrollable rage fills this shell of a monster. To live long and watch everyone die, and taking revenge out on those who killed them, all the more losing the last vestiges of goodness and morality, is a torture that only unbridled anger can satisfy. With massive health and deadly explosions, Wrath is an opponent not to be dealt with lightly. He can sometimes jump from the arena, only to land and cause a massive shockwave, and most dangerously, he can chain hook you; in other words, hook a player-forcefully drag you to him-and if you don’t react quickly enough, he WILL end you. There is a way to take him down. There are various explosive barrels around the room. Shooting one will throw out a small explosion, dealing damage to the person who shot at it if they are near the radius. Anytime it looks like Wrath is about to hook someone, hide behind the barrel so that Wrath gets stunned by the impact and damage him to high hell. Be careful though! The closer he is to dying, the more dangerous he becomes, until he CAN utilize 4 hooks at once. Satisfy his thirst for revenge, by killing him.

Pride: Regarded to be the deadliest sin. Pride is the one who controls all, the tipping point of the scale. Do not let Pride’s adorable appearance fool you. Once you finish getting to the boss, your pet will be stasised for the duration of the battle. He will not attack you directly, but rather, use other monsters in the dungeon to take you down, the most notable being a peacock, the very symbol of Pride. He will send every possible type of enemy your way, some vulnerable, some not so much. There are various non-enterable portals around the room. Get Pride to throw some of his flashing attacks through those portals to bring them out the other and deal massive damage! With incredibly fast attacks, the highest damage possible in the game, and a room that is slowly filling up with Dark Matter, Pride will be someone you DON’T want a bad time with.

???: TBD

That is all I have for now! I will be working on dungeon mechanics as well as enemies. If anyone is interested, I am looking for a graphic designer to help me design this dungeon. If you are interested, let me know!

Thanks for reading :smiley:

7th Laboratory: LORE
So does anyone know if the ideas for the Seventh Laboratory and Darkness Mines dungeons are still in progress or if they have been scrapped?

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Thank you. And @Redox, I’m not sure what led you to that conclusion. 7 Deadly Sins is something that’s been used over and over again, with Pride being the most powerful.


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