Grass Ninja skin and Grass katana


Skin and katana for ninja! Enjoy!




Grass Katana
Projectile 1
Projectile 2
(which projectile looks better? Please share your opinion below. Much appreciated!):

Description: Used by grass ninja made solely for the purpose of stealth and assassination, this grass-made katana imbues the weilder with tremendous speed and agility.

Damage: 181-201
Range: 3.2
Rate of fire: 60%
Stat bonus: +5 Speed
Shot hits multple targets
fame bonus: 5%

Thanks for looking at my idea! Please share your opinions, and have a wonderful rest of your day! May the mad god bless you!

Grass ninja skin
  • Projectile 1
  • Projectile 2

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Cool skin. Eyeball movement on the horizontal attack is a bit off-putting.

Katana design doesn’t quite sit right with the 1 pixel offset.
Also, 3.2 range is ridiculous for a class as squishy as a ninja. Try balancing the weapon instead of making an A.S.S. cutlass hybrid for Ninja.


You should make the fire speed above 100% and the shot damage lower, like actual grass, taking inspiration from the leaf bow


I love the animations (because a) it’s actually good, and b) my animations are garbage), but I would like to see more unique shapes to the skin, since countless skins already in-game are just recolors.


This might just be me but it looks a bit too close to the standard ninja skin for my liking and the katana just sucks, with low dps and range in exchange for literally just 5 spd. 5 spd can’t carry a weapon if the dps is that low.


Welp I hope you guys like this skin for ninja I made although I guess I could work on it a little more… But anyways, tell me what you guys think



Looks a bit like an elf.
Not sure how to feel about the face displacement when shooting front-facing…


Absolutely disgusting, that eye placement


. I know it look likes shit but hopefully you find something likeable about it.


I do like this one! I think it’s the best of the three, and it has an original shape.
What part is the big die?


While overall shapes haven’t been proving to be your strong suit, I’ve gotta say, you’re doing some mighty fine attack animations.


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